Free Food ??? No way...

I didn’t believe it either





And nor should you.

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Some rules and regulations are in there too

Respond here (or in that forum) to let me know that you love me too :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s sad that I have to change the title to something like that so you will all see it :frowning:

:tup: to trader ratings

lol i read it before but i didnt want to respond. i will punch you in the face if i see you at the gym today for tricking me.

i second that!

what a jokester :roll:

Gimme a break, you’re not going to the gym…

:headbang: .

you workout at ballys? damn all of these steroids must be making me blind and shrinking my dick


nm I found it. everythings normal

Ballys sucks. Anyone want 2 memberships?

how much. mine might be getting canceled soon

well i’m not going to the gym…but i will punch you in the face when i see you tonight…lol

75 bucks for both, or 38 each

75 bucks?

How long

I should kill you for getting my hopes up Howie.

There’s no food involved. :mad:

awwww… :c (



im posting up a negative review for howie fo this trickery !