FS: 1990 Eclipse GS

Here is a link to my dad’s craigslist post… I FINALLY convinced him to sell his car and buy something from this decade. He may end up just keeping his car, but for now he is going to entertain offers on his eclipse.

This car would be the perfect shell for a project car… he is insanely meticulous and is the original owner, bought the car in Jan of 1989. He uses it daily and just had Zebart undercoating re-applied via the annual inspection FOR THE 23RD YEAR IN A ROW.


He is flexible on the price, just put it up @ 2995 for a feeler, he is not excited to sell or get rid of it. The hardest part of this sale will be holding him down while you drive away.

tell your dad to suck my dick for that price

LMAO. i told him to expect this.

He said, “Deal, bring cash”

it’s not even an awd or turbo or 5spd LOL tell him 1100

some girl would rock this , I had a 5spd same year huge POS and it was mint

1100 wont do it, someone needs to buy this though or i’m going to have to deal with it when i inherit…

hahahaha looks like it’s yours !!

Nice shell. Too bad there’s nothing good in it.

Yeah, i only threw it on here in case someone needed a shell, i told him he could sell the shell for the same amount as he could for it running, possibly more.

So, if anyone knows anyone building a DSM track car etc, or someone who wrecked their car this would be perfect :slight_smile:

Is that price flexible?

Yeah, it definitely is. He takes care of his shit and doesn’t need the money, it will just sit in his driveway even if he buys a new car and doesn’t find it a good home.

Haha that thing is bad fucking ass dude. Good luck with the sale my man!

he might get around 2 grand for it maybe since he was so serious with it

You do realize the price on Craigslist is 3995 not 2995. Pretty big difference.

oh man, that was pretty much the stripped down version of my first gsx, mibe was even a 89 build date, except mine was cheaper and it was 10 years ago.


fuck, from the pictures that thing is a time capsule. someone should hack it up and make it awesome.

That’s what i told him, but he didn’t like the idea of someone cutting it up… haha

Yeah i fixed it last night must’ve taken time to update.

Wow it is well kept but seriously it has the 1.8l engine in it so it is even less desirable. I think you are inheriting a gutless DSM.

Yeah, was hoping someone had just wrecked their DSM and was looking for a shell to stop everything over into :stuck_out_tongue: