FS: two 4 point racing harnesses

they are red and only used for a month or so. I have no use for them anymore and im sick of them taking up space.

both yours for 25 bucks

you can IM me at Kustomplay on AIM or Yahoo or respond to this thread

what kind are they>?

Interested. what kind?

I dont know who makes them theres no patch on them. They look like normal 4 point harnesses. Looks and feels like your seatbelt same stiching pattern also but in red. I would keep them but i really have no use for them anymore.

Wrap around or cage mount?

umm there just normal 4 points. They have metal plates at the ends where you would stick a bolt though so you could mount them to a cage or to bolts in your car

will they look good in my car?

lol why dont you put them in your neon green periwinkle jeep :bloated:

without doors, who knows when you might fall out

maybe you should pick them up so when your driving on the 33 race track and bump another car causing it to smash into a wall at least you’ll be ok…