Furious 8 -> Fast 9 (F&F, Fast & Furious)

Just stop for a moment and consider that you just clicked on a thread for Fast & Furious 8… and how absolutely unreal this is. Try saying it out loud without laughing; “Fast and Furious EIGHT.”

10/10 won’t watch in theaters…this is a Redbox movie all the way. Dodge is clearly the sponsor of the film. Also Not happy with it for reasons. A-not about cars/racing B-refer back to reason A.

i’ll see it in the theatre because i like to pleb-out on stuff like this occasionally.

Trailer looks entertaining. About a 99% chance I’ll wait and watch this one at home though.

How long before there is a F&TF 1 remake?

What a difference 15 yrs makes!
This is a LONG ways from Civics, street races, race wars, and boosting VCR and DVD players!

This new one is definitely a “wait until I can watch it at home movie.”

I’m all in.

Ballz and all?

Up to the hilt

10/10 will watch. i would love to see it in the theater but I have not seen a movie in a long time in the theater I will watch it at home though.

These movies have ALL been entertaining enough to spend a few hours in the theatre. I am sure this one will be no different.

Charlize Theron over Michelle Rodriguez :tup:

That’s what a LOT of people tend to forget though, and what makes it even funnier is the people that took it seriously the first 7 times.
I remember leaving the theater when the first one came out, it was a pretty “classy” crowd. LOL

I was in Killeen TX near Ft Hood, left the theater in the afternoon and told my friends to sit on a bench and wait. Hilarity ensued and the whole police department was waiting behind the theater and had release times for every showing to rape every asshat leaving like Brian Spilner. Epic fail.

I don’t like what it has evolved into, but there’s enough car stuff to enjoy most of the movie. I can’t not go!

Bump for Fast 9 :exploding_head:

I’m gonna make sure I take the neon to the galleria on opening night and park it on the very top floor of the ramp with the civics and integras, hell yeah

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See, I was just talking to @bing about this. What are the 20-somethings that are into cars doing now-a-days? Are they really meeting up for F&F movies? Are they out in parking lots 'till 2am like we were? Has social media killed the in-person meet?

I suspect they won’t be going to see this as it’s not really a car movie anymore. It’s now a “saga” for whatever that term means in this context…

I’ll see it when it’s out on Amazon or Netflix if only for nostalgia.

Have you talked to an early 20 something person lately? They’re completely socially inept in person. They’ve spent their entire lives talking to each other via text and social media so when they’re forced to have a person to person conversation it’s unbearable. This isn’t just me being an old man either. Part of my job involves doing interviewing, and my wife does the same thing where she works, and 90% of this latest generation is basically unemployable if you have to put them in a position where they need to talk on the phone or in person with the general public.


Interviewing anyone under 25 is painful. I don’t remember being that much of a weirdo at that age