Furious 8 -> Fast 9 (F&F, Fast & Furious)

Yep exactly. Almost everyone I’ve interviewed lists playing video games as their one and only hobby. The few 20 somethings that I have met that are into cars are into big diesels and rolling coal.

I’ve had people that age travel across the country to interview, and when asked basic questions honestly answer “I don’t know”

Da fuq?


The car meet at my old high school ended in 2019. 2018 I went and it was just me and the maintenance man. No young kids give a shit about cars

all i wanted to do when i was 16 was get my license and pick up chicks

We’re all literally Vin Diesel in that trailer now… taking care of kids or other BS around the house, lol.

I want to see a scene where Vin Diesel goes to a modern car meet and starts talking shit. But no one will challenge him because they’re either checking their privilege, comparing MPGs or are completely confused because the parking lot is also a Pokespot.

Just watched the full trailer, more fake and unrealistic than the last one.

Let’s do a cruise / meet for this… I wanna hang out with car people’s.

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not a bad idea.

I’m in!!

I’d be in with my Buell cause I’m a responsible adult now and drive a normal unmodded truck :frowning:

These aren’t Fast and Furious franchise movies anymore, these are Vin Diesels XXX franchise. Less cars and more absolutely over the top unrealistic scenes.
I’m sure I’ll eventually watch it like the others but definitely not wasting my money on this.


This. I’ll watch it when I can download a nice 1080p rip but definitely won’t be checking it out in theaters.

The most interesting thing about the trailer is that I have the same phone as Dominic Toretto

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Skill level = 0

The winner will watch all eight movies in the franchise as well as the “Hobbs and Shaw” spin-off in the week leading up to the release of “F9.” You’ll be asked to chronicle your binge-watching journey on Facebook and Twitter and fill out a worksheet for each film. You’ll then use your $50 movie theater gift card to see “F9” when it is released on May 22.

$900 isn’t bad for watching movies I like.

Read farther along…You’re not allowed to skip Fast 2 and 3…

I’ll take that $900, will they fly me down as well? Is alcohol allowed?

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