Future of the Bills

Since the Bills have blown the best start to a season in over a decade and will probably proceed to an impressive 5-11 record lets talk about the Bills’ future.

Since I utterly hate this team now, I think its time they should go. They are a complete joke and a stigma for the entire region.

I hope Ralph Wilson dies quietly in his sleep (he is a good guy after all) so that the team can quickly be sold to whoever wants this pathetic excuse for a football team.

I hate them, I absolutley hate them.

For 15 years we were in a “rebuilding year”, it finally looks like we were getting things done then they shit the bed as usual. Every win we have had this year was simply a fluke.

The Bills are nothing more than a joke and a bad one at that.

Shut the FUCK UP! Quit being a fucking bitch and trying to live your life through the Buffalo Bills. OMG THE BILLS LOST 4 in a row I fucking hate them…



So we should take yet another economic hit to the local region just because your vagina hurts?

Fuck you, 4 in a row? I’m talking 16 years of utter shit. From Tod Collins to Trent Edwards. I have given more than my share of patience to this team.

good then don’t fucking watch them. You can’t expect the team to win the superbowl every year… or even once every thirty years, shit happens.

They are loosers, thats all they have been for most of my life.

I’m sick of it.

This is not some basic bandwagon moment, my frustration for the Bills has been growing for years.

I couldn’t care less what happens to them at this point. I gave up years ago



Every year? Superbowl? How about the fucking playoffs!? I EXPECT my team to make the playoffs atleast once in a decade.

Honestly Tom…This is the dumbest thing I have heard. And as a true fan…I would appreciate it if you did not watch another game because its people like you that give our region a bad name…Happy when everythign is great and jumping ship when its not.

You obviously know very little about alot of things and it is demonstrated no more clearly than in this thread. Everyone I was with at the game last nite said the same thing…oh it sucks…i am not coming back. Fine…vent…get it out…Today we look ahead to KC.

GET OVER IT and quit making stupid threads.


holy thread backfire :lol:

how come this didn’t happen in the election threads? :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great, guess how much I care. I’ve missed one opening kick off in 20 years. I know the frustration. But bitching isn’t going to fucking help.


thank you :clap:

kyle is absolutely right. this is so dumb. i was pissed last night…as im sure many were, but it happens. i will always love this team and will always watch the games no matter what their record is.

this thread has pissed me off.

as everyone says…if you are that pissed off and hate this team so much… dont bother watching the games or talking about this team.

But its not just one game, hell its not just one season. You say your a true fan and thats fine. So was I, but how many times can you get dissapointed and still expect me to support you?

There is nothing to get over, it wasn’t just that we lost yesterday its the whole mentality of this team. They break my heart every year for the last 15 or so years.

So yeah I am going to stop watching, but I wish it didn’t come to that.

Oh no… skunk is pissed off… does that mean you are done sucking dick for the day?

so…dont watch it?

It doesnt bother me when they lose :gotme:


Holy over reaction Batman, you guys make it sound like you are on the team.

You guys keep thinking that I’m some sort of bandwagon fan but I’m not. I’m just so tired of losers taking the field year in and year out.

You guys need to calm the fuck down.

QFT you should head over to the bills message board see if you put some logic into the shit storm thats brewing over there