how come bikers get to have gangs, but car guys dont… instead they start clubs?

how ghey is that?!?!

i think i am going to start the worlds first car gang, and we are going to kick ass, and be involved in all sorts of organized crime. it will be sweet, like bikers we will never get pulled over (the po po with be on the payroll).

what happened to the band idea?

they both have their pros and cons. i think the gang wins because of the instant gratifacation. ie. the pros come much much sooner.

lol. band? i thought about a car band once. then realized it was the worst idea i ever thought of.

nice- could i be the “cleaner”

ooo ooo i wanna be ina gang

Kinda funny, a lot of hardcore bikers I know are all computer programmers, IT guys, or salesmen…

they shed their huge nerd/dork figures and put the leather on with a name of a gang and it makes them all hardcore and shiet

i was in a gang once. i even have gang photos.

on a semi unrelated note:

anyone who can get me a rip or even an original version of the film “gang signs” will get lots of sex from me. it is the best thing ever.

Its much harder to knock someone off the road with a heavy chain when ur both in cars. If ur gonna start a car gang, you’d better start practicing. As for a band, I just got booted from mine lol so if ur seriously talented and good at music and are starting a band, let me know.

you play what???


edit: guitar, bass, piano/keys, harmonica solid. drums not-so-solid.

didnt you ever see grease?

we will have cool spikey thingys on our wheels.

why not invest in a rpg? quicker/more efficient.

lol…ima drummer, drums are easy mang.

I play violin

ALWAYS wanted in bands

Yellow card has a violin player

yeah but vespa riders have gangs too. immediate loss of 8 points for scooter associations.

what would the gang colors be? sherwood green metallic clearcoat?

what type of music do you play?

I just got out of hardrock/metal ( ). I like anything from indy-rock to screamo to hardcore.

The Gang idea sounds cool, I’m in.