Gear Oil on Concrete

How do I cleanthat shit up?

Brake Cleaner isn’t doing the trick… and thats the most potent crap I have…

Please help… I need this cleaned ASAP

get a grinder and grind off the top of the concrete? :stuck_out_tongue:

i dunno sorry

do some kitty litter on it for like 20 mins, sweep it up, then use some of that power clean from like autozone - comes in a white coolant-lookin jug, that’ll get pretty much anything off. just pour it on, wipe it around, hose it off.

Usually a good scrub with speedy dry or kitty litter will do it.

Believe it or not, I’ve heard that ground-up drywall will absorb most of that. I’d stick with the litter, then stubborn stuff with kerosene or lacquer thinner.


Gear oil is some thick shit, good luck. For a quick fix spraypaint over it :stuck_out_tongue:


eh… I knew about the litter thing… but for some reason I think it has been there too long. I will try the cleaner stuff from AutoZone when I get home.

Maria’s dad is pretty pissed cause ther are like 6 puddles and he just sealed the driveway… so I don’t want to fuck with the sealer.

I used greased lightning to get it out of the garage when it spilled out of the transfer case. It came up real well. Just spray a lot of it down and scrub it with a brush and rinse with some water.

If you have a deck brush or some type of abrasive brush that would help. Any industrial type degreaser should work. Just don’t dilute it when they say to. Pour that shit straight on and then yell at it like " Bitch, I’m Rick James . I wish I had more hands, to give that concrete 4 thumbs down’ "

I bought some simple green… if dousing w/ brake cleaner then litter doesn’t work… I’ll try the same thing with simple green + litter…

then if that doesn’t work, I will douse it in both, and light that shit up