Getting a title on an old moped


Different from my other thread, but hell… it’s another slow day.

Working on my coworkers moped got me interested in picking one up on the cheap. I found a really cheap 1980 Honda NC50 Express for less than a cheap bar tab, only catch is it has no paperwork.

Has anyone explored legal options for titling an old Bike, or whatever? I am reading up about VT DMV being easy, but haven’t actually tried it yet. If I can title the bike it could potentially add a good chunk of change in value…


Which state are you trying to register it in? Just to be clear


Honestly, doesnt matter. I don’t see myself putting it on the road myself, but having a title raises the value a good bit. Looking for the cheapest/ easiest route to get a transferrable reg/ title. I live in CA and have fam back in NY where i’ve titled other stuff in the past



So yeah this is the route i’m going to try. Did you (or anyone here) do this before, and how did it go?


I’m going to do it with the ‘dirt bike’ I just bought.


Damn dude that thing is clean!!! I love old dirtbikes. Are you mailing in or making the trek from Buffalo? I am very curious to see how it goes for you. Let me know.

I bought this, LOL. $200 non running, PO rebuild the carb wrong and it was flooding. Had it running and idling fine no more than 30 minutes from getting home. 350 original miles.

Not the exact picture, but almost exactly identical, down to the front basket. All original. Getting a title increases the value a ton!


Definitely not driving anywhere. lol.

Vintage MX races this weekend at unidilla on that hog!


Dude, it’s so cherry. Specs?


'81 IT175. It’s definitely a rider, not a looker. Shines up nice though.

Electrical tape on the seat, a few rando bolts here and there. I wish the guy hadn’t put the blue handlebars on it. Fresh top end. I need to tinker with the jets or something as it has a slight bog at 3/4+ throttle. You don’t really notice on the trail but on the road you can tell. I guess that red tape on the tank is holding a crack from forming in the tank. and the plastics are all faded and hazed.

Oh, and the float doesn’t shut all the way and I keep forgetting to close the petcock that only works on reserve. I ended up making some labels to remind me to turn the gas on and off. lol.


I’ve done VT reg about a dozen times. It has gotten a little tougher but still the most viable option and works out pretty swell. def go that route. just need a law enforcement official to sign off on the VT VIN verification form and provide a business card to accompany their signature. 14 days til you receive the plate, more for the transferrable registration.


Would I go to just a police station, or do you have a guy?


any officer with a business card can fill out and sign the form for you.