Going to Toronto, Need Ideas

Going there for a weekend

  1. where to stay? good hotel downtown

  2. what to do? good shows? good spots for photography

3)anything you guys got to add about toronto

the brass rail and house of lancaster 2


has anyone ever stayed at or heard about Pantages Suites Hotel and Spa?

LOL, ya brass rail is the better tittie club.
I always stay at the Westin Harbour castle, nice hotel on the water right in downtown, its across the street from Skydome. also down the street is “The Guverment”
eats- the lil greek gyro place right next to the Westin castle called Alexandros, best gyros!

i stayed at the westin when i was downtown last month…it was soooooo nice


marriott renisansse (connected the the skydome) is pretty nice. check out priceline for deals, i was up there last weekend for Caribana. got a $475/night room for $59 on priceline! king and queen street have some cool bars, if you want clubs i cant really help you because i dont do clubs. yougne st has a bunch of stuff too, but more resturaunts and shops than bars/etc. the holiday inn on king st isnt bad either, its biggest plus is its centrally located to pretty much everything.

i was mainly up there to get hammered all weekend and go to Caribana, so as for shows, i cant really help you haha.

Defintely hit up West Duncan St (near Chinatown area). String of good clubs and bars/brew pubs.

Hotels, there are so many… you need to give us an idea of what exactly you are looking for.

I dumped all my money at the brass rail the last time I went up, damn foreign naked med breasts big b00ty sknny waist pretty face ballet dancing girl.

something nice, and central to all the ish downtown.

bars/clubs i dont really care about, im not there to do that.

its the one year anniversary for us :smiley: so i want to have a good time.

Hilton right downtown is nice… its across the street from city hall… city hall is sweet and has a nice romantic garden and spot to sit if your into that :smiley: . also its walking distance to pretty much anything esp in the summer. second city comedy club is also a sweet spot if you want a good laugh. i usually try to catch a show everytime im up there. some cool photo place would be church street where theres like 3 churchs plus the cathedrail(spelling) right in a row. also a nice walk at night… the back of the eaton center has a nice garden also. with a maze cut out in the grass. also a nice place for photos… theres a real old building there which is a sweet to see… seeing a 3 story building from 1800s next to the eaton center and the backdrop of the city. hopefully that was some help… toronto is one of my fav citys

That’s where I was going to stay last year for Labor of Luv @ The Guvernment, but didn’t (I decided not to sleep.) It’s near the Eaton Center (walking distance) and is PIMP :tup:

You need to eat at Sassafraz (1-416-964-2222 on my speed dial :slight_smile: ) The food is awesome and if you like the layout of the Pantages, you’ll love the ambiance here. Besides the fact there are always celebs. there. :tup: I pulled up in a limo once and the paparazzi & guests looked out like I was someone special, lol.

If the night is clear, its more than worth it to go up the CN Tower. Or make dinner reservations as well and sit near a window… nothing matches the view. The food is good, but isn’t the best.

Ohhh… OK. If you can swing it, go for a room at the Royal York. definitely get one of the “suites” with the jacuzzis (they have like a couple/lovers type room thing. Ask about it). That is dead smack in the middle of everything. Close to the CN Tower, lots of shopping, good restaurants in the area. If you want a cheaper hotel, Check out the Quality Inn Hotel on Lombard St. That is right off the Gardiner, about 2-3 traffic lights in. Easy access to W.Duncan, and the highway. Westin Harbour hotel on the waterfront just past Lakeshore (I think) is really nice too. The hydrofoil docks near there. Excellent rooms but really $$$$$ . Pantage is nice too, but they get booked up quick. It may be tough to get a room there this time of year.

I know a shitload of restaurants. PM me what you are looking for, I can probably recommend two or three good ones.

There is also a really big shopping mall in York that has really nice stores (high end designer), defintely worth checking out. It’s called the Bay or something like that. I just know how to get there, not what the name is.

westin was an awsome hotel. good service. the Eaton Centre is a good spot to do any shopping if your interested. The Zoo and Science Centre are also great places; you could prolly spend a whole day at either.
If you want italian, check out the Spaghetti Factory or find the nearst The Keg Restaurant- its an expensive chain restaurant, i went there the other day and the steak was tops.

Me and the girl went up to Toronto and stayed at Pantages about 6 months ago. Very pimp decor. Location is real nice. The Eaton Center is like right there. Definately worth it too.

westin def!!!

i used to get it for 39 a night, even at full price it def worth every penny

huuuuuuuuuuge :tup: here. very nice place, 4 star. if youre looking for it on the net, its actually called the fairmont royal york i believe.

stayed there before. one of the cheaper places in the city, typical hotel room, but its clean and the employees are friendly.

yeah…royal york is very nice :yup:

hit up college street also if you get a chance, some very nice, chill bars, restaurants, and there is a very nice club on there…i forgot the name but i went there on my bday last year.

oh…and also see if you can get reservations for the sultans tent if you like morrocan food…its amazing there…you eat an amazing 5 course meal, you sit in a tent like thing with silk pillows and there are belly dancing shows and they dance right next to you…its awesome there …and best steak ive had was there, and pomogranate martinis :tup:

The Royal York rocks… decor is awesome.


Whatever you end up choosing, have an amazing time & happy 1 yr to the both of you!!

Somehow, seeing Ian sweating profusely like Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly” comes easily to mind…

awesome restaurant: ViBo