Good Car For Racing

So I’ve only had my license for 10 months. After 2 months my parents bought me a 96 Saturn for my first car and after 5 months I sold it to buy a 2000 Grand Am SE. Now I want to sell it to get a car that’s fast that won’t cost more than $6,000 after mods that is decently fast and looks good. People have told me to get an 89-93 Mustang 5.0 but I can’t find any around me. I live in North Tonawanda. It’s close to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. I was thinking of giving up on looking for a mustang and get a formula or trans am because I like the way they look. Any suggestions on a good car?

What kind of racing?

fox body mustangs seem to be everywhere, you sure your looking hard enough? seems like your set on getting a domestic?

  1. pick up musclecar trader
  2. look at 2358729687 5.0 stangs in ohio and PA
  3. find nice low mileage 5.0
  4. call owner, get lots pics n crap
  5. buy car, bring back, do exhaust and spray some sauce and you got a nice 12 second car

or buy a civic and do a swap yo

(i cant beleive i just said that)

neither can i… he could just bolt on a turbo instead of swapping and have a few k left over.

yea, hatch all the way :tup:

stangs will be faster than hatches (unless by stang you mean notch and by hatched you mean Mustang Hatches) dollar for dollar… I really don’t see any way around it.

Get a Civ…

get a crown vic and supercharge it

Get a Geo Metro and put a forumlaLS1 in it…

i vote for wrx sti

Less than 50 miles away, already heavily modded, 6K, runs 11s probably 10s with some more work.

That took me all of hmm 2 min to find


65k original in philly for $4900

Don’t buy anything too fast

I can you your next thread being “I got a speeding ticket and unlawful speed contest” What am I going to do?

p71 vic, and boost the hell out of it. :tup:


why is everyone assuming hes going to drag race?

a mustang isnt the best choice for all types of racing now is it?

Actually a Mustang is one of the best choices for an all around car that I can think of (in the price range)

Fox bod Mustangs are pretty much good for all types of racing. It has the basics down rwd, light, cheap, & power. You see many more built for drag than g-machines but a nice fox notch with some big brakes, coilovers, and other stuff can be a cheap road racing machine.

because of the list of cars he posted.

not a real brain buster