Google redirect issue


Seems fixed


NYSpeed search is working for me too. Anyone else confirm? Can someone test too?




I can test it. Also we need to change all admin passwords, all database passwords etc… That is one step in keeping them from getting back in

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Both SON and NYSpeed worked for me on clean browsers

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I came across this little gem as well off of google:


I guess you gotta have a lamborghini gallardo to fit in on there. what a bunch of jerks lmao.

We’ve dropped our standards, lol.


Good for me

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Did you actually resolve the vuln that allowed it to occur in the first place?


I didn’t do anything, there is a team of people working on the site at the moment. But that’s the plan.


I hear ya


It’s doing it again :lol:




Working again for me, @LZ1 @tpgsr you guys still getting redirected?


Fixed again :slight_smile:



@LZ, i hope this is permanent since we removed the vulnerability but please let me know if you catch it again since you seem to be first.


Well I don’t use the built in vBulletin search because its horrible I always use google and search

“Imports suck”


I actually recently removed the stupid ‘Multi Content Search’ from NYSpeed. Search actually worked great up until I needed to re-index the forum and now it doesn’t find anything after 2009, lol.

When I search I always use ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Search by thread title’ and 90% of the time I find what I’m looking for.


It’s back…


I confirm this.




Can you post screen shots?


just tried to re-create it and it was fine… Haven’t closed my browser window at all.