Google redirect issue


It’s doing it again :lol:


How are things today? Still occurring?


Yes got a nice topless chick and an ad for adult friend finder :tup:


that’s weird i’ve tried a bunch of times and i’m good…

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oh nope… i just got the redirect issue agian… what the shit???


topless chick confirmed


If it is a topless chick, I vote that we dont fix it!


You realize it only does it once right?

If you want to test use chrome or another browser that lets you use incognito mode(no cookies) and search google like this whatever


How about now guys? It’s fixed for me.


It’s good for now.


Still working properly for me.




Still occuring. Avast flags it immediately

URL: hxxp://
Infection: HTML:RedirDL-inf [Trj]


It hasn’t happened for me again and I can’t get it to reoccur.

When you go to that link does it redirect you? Maybe Avast is outdated?


It probably got put on Avasts list at some point you will have to wait for it to get removed or you might be able to submit a request to remove.


It’s not blocked though, if I do a (whatever) in google and click the link, i get a warning as soon as I click the link, but I still get taken to NYSpeed.

tested at home and it works fine…hmm. N/M I guess.


Like LZ said, you can probably send a note to Avast’s threat intelligence team and let them know it’s fixed and they’ll remove it.

I’ve had some luck with submitting similar requests to other companies.


Hahaha… the Avast has basically decided nyspeed has the aids.


I submitted it to Avast as a false positive. I’ll let y’all know if they send a response.



And this is why anti virus and all this other stuff sucks.


yeah, it literally took until the issue was fixed to start flagging … sigh