Got a stunting ticket

So someone called the cops on me cause I was being stupid in a parking lot. (e brakeing) I got a letter in the mail with a stunting ticket. Would I lose demerits for that? Cops can’t prove that it was me who was driving the car.

they can just send you tickets now? holy shit cops are getting lazier and lazier…
id fight it, say there was some sort of error in a license plate or something.
theres no way the cop if they show up can prove it
you will also have to count on whoever called it in to show up as well.

lol, it’s from an RCMP officer to. Ya I’ll fight it, I’ll say I wasn’t even in Sherwood Park that day or something.

If you take it to court then the “witness” and/or officer who issued the ticket who saw you needs to appear. If they fail to appear then yu win :slight_smile:

Fight it!! Yea!! What are you gonna say when they ask you whom was driving the car if it wast you???

:001_rolleyes:Cops can issue tickets to the registered owners of vehicles for any offence. They are treated like a photo radar ticket in the fact that they cannot prove who was driving the car so therefore no demerits. If you fight it in court its basically your word against whoever called the cops on you, so you need a rock solid alibi of were you were at that particular instance ( work, etc) and the fact that while you were at that particular alibi the car was in your posession at the time. That being said the likelyhood of that individual taking time off work to go testify against some random person for ripping around in a parking lot is unlikely. If you go to fight it and they dont show up they will just throw it out.

Note for next time maybe ripping around in a parking lot isn’t such a great thing to do:001_rolleyes:

What if I lose will I get demerits taken off? Or I can say, " ya I accidentally pulled the e-brake and I guess someone saw and assumed I was fucking around".

Hm, I just gotta hope the cop and the witness don’t show up. I’ll tell you guys how it goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck!

Tell me what the charge section on the ticket is. If it’s written for section 160 TSA that’s the RO section and no there will not be demerits, If it is for stunting under section 115 TSA, that has to be issued to the driver and will be quashed Immediatly upon your date in court and you state you were not the one driving as the crown has the onus to prove who was opperating the vehicle.


Next time no e braking

find out who this person is, and make up a story about why they would have a personal grudge against you. and for whatever reason, this person made up this story and called the police.

if you’re going to lie in court, go big or go home.

Wow, you have some bad luck.

It’s s.115(2)(e)

LOL, I’ll pull something outa my ass when I see the witness in court.

Don’t lie in court about a witness, All you have to do is disprove the witness saw YOU behind the wheel. I would suggest if you have any IDENTIFIABLE characteristcs that you normally have (Earrings, tattos, unessisarily large bling) Get rid of it an try to alter your appearance so the Witness will not recognize you in court. Grow some facial hair or shave but don’t show up at court looking like a slob. If you are using this tactic Do not and I MEAN DO not talk to the witness or the officers involved on or before the court date.
It’s up to the crown to Prove YOU were the one driving.


Take StybZ advise. Trust me he knows what he’s talking about.

Ya. It did happen in the evening to, I’m pretty sure the witness didn’t see me.,

I have a little bit of insider knowledge:wink:

You have Rwd if the car in that pic is yours right so maybe you just hit an ice patch then went a bit sideway and then just wanted to recover.If it was winter well it’s slippery out :slight_smile:

lol, na I was driving my winter beater (pontiac sunbird).