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Why hello Stattama. What are you running today?

“12.45 untuned L36 with a 62-1 turbo and huge FMIC.”
Sounds good Stattama.
Sounds very, very goooooooooood.


That video sucked I am sorry to say.

who ever made that made that vid was a retard, add some music and get better angle shots :bloated:

yeah, vid blows i agree


i :heart: the fasT regal

That is sexy. :headbang:

maybe not the best vid, but damn, thats a sweet ass sleeper setup.

Its the ultimate L36 setup. Its kind of pricey through Stattama, so piecing it together may be a little cheaper. A lot of GTP guys are thinking of dropping the blower for the turbo. With the money some of these guys have invested in their L67’s, they could part it out and make the 4 grand and then reinvest in the kit and be close to a second quicker. :tup: If I could find a decently cheap L36 around here I’d do that in a heartbeat.

why in gods name would you do that to an L36 though? an L67 is built for bOOst

  • L67 = win

The L36 is a good choice to boost. You dont need to block off the blower, and compression is higher so youll make more power. As long as you have a good tune and dont get KR youll make a shit load of power.

What he said :stuck_out_tongue:

goddamn it

i guess i just suck

BUTT if i ever go go with a turblow or a CSC ill keep my L67, block off the blower and open up the bottom. That way I can still keep my water-to-air IC and run mad boost.