GTA Detailing shops

Anyone know any good GTA detailing shops? Preferably close or in the Markham area.
Looking for a full exterior and interior detail.
Whats the general pricing for this if anyone knows?

There’s a place right beside my work caled “Carlos Auto Spa”. These guys detail super high end cars and pride themselves on detailing all the Toronto Raptors/Leafs/Jays/Argos personal rides. Any given day I’ll se Lambo’s, Ferraris and Bentlys in and out of there.

Pricing is $200 for “The Works” which is full Interior and Exterior, Engine, Leather tratment, shampoo, one stage wax, etc. The Prices go up and down from there depending on what you want.

If you have that kind of cash to burn I’d say this is one of the best places to go and the owner drives a slick 350Z so they can’t be too bad :wink:

Its at 142 George St. between Queen and Richmond (one block East of Jarvis).

Come to our shop, I ain’t saying this because I work there but the guys here do an amazing job, I only work saturdays so if you can bring your car that day and tell me what your bringing so I make sure I work on it personally. lol We get ferrari’s and porches too, if your judging by that. I can tell you since I work there, you will be getting the best service, there won’t be any dirt on your car left, you can go looking for it, cuz my boss does and makes me clean any little spot that by some chance was missed, then double checks and triple checks. By the end it’ll be spotless and I always like when people from the tuner world come around, everybody there has a love for cars and will treat it with great respect. We’ve never has an unsatisfied customer, after years and over 2000 Cars cleaned. Anybody that I have recommended here has given complements to our work. I don’t mean to be bragging, just so you know a bit about the place and you know your taking your baby to a place you can trust. This is starting to sound like an add. Anyway if your gonna bring it by, PM me and book for saturday if you can and Ill work on it.

19 Laidlaw Blvd. Unit #1
Markham, ON L3P 1W5
Tel: 905-471-711

My name is Vahe, you could say that I gave you our info in this forum.

A few years back I went to a place just off of McCowan, beside Wheels Direct. It was called Fine Details. They wanted to wash (by hand) my car (Free grand opening promo) for me. I told them I was a very picky person and he said they would work on it untill I was happy. They did an excellent job. I then decided to go for the $25 engine detail. They used 15 toothbrushes under the hood of my Zenki s14. It was spotless. This was, however, 6 years ago but I have heard good things about them since.

fine details generally does awsome work. the one by my store in newmarket gets my business constantly and we have always been happy with them