Gym Rant v.2007


I’m so fucking tired of disrespectful people at my gym. I totally despise people who don’t put their weights away, leave a bar loaded with 45lb plates, and the motherfuckers who leave the DBs unorganized so that when I arrive ( 530-6am ) they are all out of order.

Today, I saw someone walk away from the preacher bench with an ez curl bar loaded up with 4 25’s. I asked them if they were finished, and when they replied “yes” i asked them to put their weights away… in a polite yet obviously irritated tone. the motherfucker replied:

“if you want to use it, take the weights off yourself”

i nearly flipped the fuck out, and before i could verbally slay him with a combination of vulgarities and insults, someone else came up and told the dude to just take the weights off. with a complete look of dissatisfaction, he did. that cock sucker.

my gym used to be full of arrogant dicks, but at least they had weight room etiquette. you didn’t see many people using the free weights who weren’t serious about lifting. the gym changed companies and now offer ridiculously low rates in order to attract members who will sign up for a year but only show up for a month… and these people are fucking my gym up, and i hate it. i’m all for supporting anyone who wants to better themselves by working out, but if you are going to be an asshole and disrespect the gym that i’ve been at consistently for a long time, i’m going to have a fucking problem :shoot:

yes, i realize: :violin:, :gay3:, :rolljerk:, :spam:

but the shit pisses me off!!!


what gym is it, people are pretty good where I go.

When it was a good gym, it was World Gym on Sheridan by AAA.

Now that it’s a shitty gym, it’s Planet Fitness.


I just started going to the Tonawanda Aquatic and Fitness Center. ($254/year for residents and Praxair pays $250/year so it was basically free.) It’s borderline overcrowded, but it’s clean and has decent equipment and so far I’ve only run into one d-bag*. Everyone else has actually been very friendly and cool about not dicking around. Despite it being almost too busy, I like it there. As a bonus there’s usually something to look at while you’re working out, unlike my last gym average joe’s, er, Fitness Factory.

*Some high school kid wanted to flirt with girls who were doing ab exercises throwing a medicine ball back and forth so he swatted at the ball in mid air. I was about to say something about how much of a tool he’d feel like if one of them broke a finger because he redirected the ball, but some older guy beat me to it.

i cant wait till all of the “resolutioners” stop coming

I practice there with the Bandettes, and you’re completely right. It’s gotten horrible since they’ve switched. They let go of all the good trainers, and hired completely terrible ones. And they decided to make our practice room into a cycling room starting in April, even though we have a contract with them.

It will be interesting to see what happens…

Absolutely. That room getting transformed into a cycling room totally irritates me beyond belief. I used to do some wild swiss-ball exercises in there when it was free, but not any more. I wonder if you guys will just end up getting screwed over… because all old members are getting boned on their fees also.

Good point about the trainers. The new ones are imbeciles. The only guy I like is the short built red-headed guy, who doesn’t even directly work for them… I forgot his name… but anyways… he’s been around forever :cjerk:

I think I need a new gym, but it’ll be hard to switch considering it’s honestly a 3 minute drive away… :frowning:

i agree with sure 100%. i go to ballys, but only b/c of their lifetime membership deal.

the dumb bells are ALWAYS messed up. i have no idea how, its not that difficult to match the numbers and put the weights back on the racks. instead the 40s are in the 35s slot, the 35s are in the 50s slot, the 45s are on the floor, and the 30s are spread out in different locations all over the building.

there are also the people who insist on doing 7-8-9 sets of an exercise, in a row, taking their time, for 30-35-40-45 minutes. i’m cool with that, do what you gotta do… but when someone asks to work in, don’t be an asshat and say no. sometimes there’s only one place you can do certain things (squat in particular), and people will sit there for hours on end.

but the gyms wont do anything about the people, b/c they value the $ more than anything else.

I go to Golds on Wehrle and no complaints, however they are finishing up construction on the rennovations so if you join now I’m sure you can get a baller deal.

Let me know, I can probably get you a week or month free to try it.

No fucking shit about the squat racks… I HATE THAT… and my gym has two… yet these douches sit there and do nothing for 45 mins… it’ll fuck my routine up, as I usually want to deadlift of squat first… not at the end of the routine when I’ve already blown my wad on smaller non compound movements.

:word: thanks. I know a lot of people who workout there, and I probably should give it a try, but I like the anonymity of my other gym… i’m not into socializing, and sometimes I associate Golds with places like the BAC. I could be mistaken, but :gotme:

I have my $250 debit card from independent health to use for 2007 still… bleh.

The only thing I dislike about my gym is i see a lot of kids i knew back in highschool there.
My gym routine is much differnt then theres…I do light/moderate weight with a lot of reps with a goal of gaining muscle endurance,not strength.
They always give me shit like “woah…isn’t that a bit too heavy?”
that’s my gym rant.

they claim they arent like the BAC, which I was a member at the BAC for 2 days (see a rant for like 4 months ago) and I like golds, the place is alot nicer too now with the work they’ve done.

I dunno, try it out maybe. I agree about the socialize thing at the gym, I hate it. I just wanna go in do my shit and leave.

Isn’t 7-9 sets of anything kind of retarded? I very well may just be ignorant, but I’ve never heard of that.

come to g&g and buy a home gym

its german volume training. google it… its extremely effective

HS kids are punks anyways, I remember over summer the past 2 years I had to deal with hs football kids who knew nothing about lifting coming in and grab ass’n the whole day, it was lame as shit. Lifting, looking at eastbay magazines about cleats and then perform a rep. Go over talk with the girls for 20 minutes come back do another rep. Pointless.

I love watching the people that go in there and do the exercises all wrong.

Locking knees when doing squats
Rolling their shoulders when doing shrugs
and the list goes on

Interesting. I’ll be reading that later. Thanks!

Oh don’t get me on critique, ahh. I might not have the best form, but at least I know the do’s and don’ts.