Hahahahahaha the supra never loses


vids timeslips etc. no prove of whta the car has or runs. He is just like u all mouth and nothing to back it up with


what is it missing??


no motors…i get a couple of (whatever crazy jap dude says) would go for a preium b4 race wars


nice try but you suck at the quotes just go back to working on that LT1 cause we all know it needs the help


your a fucking fag. When do I ever talk shit that I cant back up? He has a highly modded supra. Mark went 11.6 on the stock twins. This kid probably has about 300-400 more horsepower. Its not exactly a ridiculous claim.

If he was claiming 9.5 or something, then I’d want proof.


ya i tried…wanna run ur 5.slow against my LT1???

sorry i dont watch fast and furious every nite


sr20’s? lolz


ahh…thanks there buddy…the skyline motor…thats right…whoo hooo…



actually, no. SR20 is what people swap into 240’s. Like what 1320 and Rusty240 have.

Skyline is RB26DETT. :love:


yea im not scurred of LT1s


here ya go… this is before it was tuned… at 22 psi … (which isnt alot) … i think it was 1.8 or 1.9 60’ so nothing good there… but trapping at 127 isnt that bad…

Supra - 11.2 @ 127


cool cool…and for some reason u had to say something about me after backing you up with ur race…damn i need to get rid of the lt1…will mom buy me a ls1???


u said 11 flat…not 11.2…2 tenths is a lot


what one setup and one person has and what another has even if there the same doesnt mean there going to run the same. and marks car went 11.70s not 60s and marks car was suppose to have all this powwer with the single new turbo yeah like 700hp and he ended up getting spanked by a 10.60 car that was in and out of the throttle on topend. U cant run ur mouth because u dont own anything fast. enough said


hold on hold on not there yet…

i did run 11.01 at 135 … dont have a video of that… if you hold on ill have a video of a 11.3 at 134 … boggin off the line… so with a better launch… its low low 10’s… but hang on a min…

ill have the video… of th 11.3 @ 134…


off topic…but on my way home from visting my pap…raced a riced out cavy in the 2500 HD…and smoked his ass…whooo hooo…had some sever wheel hop off the line…fuck heavy duty suspension

but anyways…i say quik wins and sam wins…both over the soup



I understand that they arent necesarily gonna run the same. What im saying is that what he’'s claiming is a toatlly feasable time. So there really isnt much of a reason to go apeshit on calling bs on it.

As far as Mark. Sorry i was off by .1. Mark ran Brian completly untuned too, if you remember correctly. You cant really just slap on 10K worth of single turbos, fuel system, and stand alones and expect it to make any sort of power. I doubt it was making all that much more than he was when he was on his stock twins. Get Mark on a dyno with a wideband, and im sure that he would gain at least 200hp. Not making any excuses for Brians win, but you cant really compare Marks slapped together, untuned setup against what this kid is running.

And I can “run my mouth” about whatever the fuck I want. If I had the money to build a fast car, I would have a fast car. So paying the bills instead of dropping all my money into a car negates me from being able to speculate on what another car will run with certain mods. :rofl:

As stated before in this thread, lick my taint noob.


what kind of launch was the 11.01…thats not 11 flat(just messing around with ya) b/c if that was a decent launch then how u going to get low low 10’s???



You asked for proof, there it is. Now stop whining.


its cool, its cool