Hahahahahaha the supra never loses


dude i need to use this smiley more :rolleyes: b/c i was fucking around…not being an asshole…


when would u wanna race??? ill race on the street…as long as its from a dig


low low 10s damm is thaat all it takes a good launch to drop a full sec


Supra suspensions suck at launching. a 135mph trap speed is capable of a low 10 sec pull.


whats your best trap speed?


let me get my fender,nose and new hood painted and ill be up for it. just remember this is with a stock longblock.


as of date 136


any car with mad power…the stock suspension will not do good…thats why u must build the suspension as u go!!! b4 i put a motor in my car…i did the suspension in…soo this winter i can just worry about the motor…


does it need to be painted to race…hahaha…but cool…remeber…im a LT1 with 111,xxx miles on it and never lifted the vavle covers…and i think i might have a spun bearing…but im all down for racing


it was a 1.8 60’ time and with some ET streets… guys with 6spds have 1.44 60’s … and there are guys with 6spd single supras… that are trapping 135 and running 9.9… there is alot of tiem there in that launch… alittle more practice and ill be there…

dont belive me …



ahh…i never siad i dont belive you…stop putting words in my mouth!!..and those r impressive times!!! but most of em r using nitrous!!!



you gonna get owned


we will find out in da spring time


check out chris bergemann… 3rd row down… 1st column

60’ft -1.453
Trap - 136.92
ET - 9.9


i understand this, but a Camaro or Mustang has a rear suspension that is much better for drag racing, no matter what the power level. With more power, when traction is more of an issue, it comes into play moreso than at close to stock power levels.



“Home of the Worlds fastest N/A Lt1 F-body”
9.361@143.17 1.30 60 ft. (footbrake,stock suspension)
“LT1 N/A mph record holder @143.17
best 1/8 5.93@115
“60 ft record for stock suspension f-body 1.249 60 ft.”


9 second car…no turbo no nitrous all motor


yea it does, if you recall i had arun in with a hill side. so i had to have it pulled and buy new parts. if i can get the nose and fender cut in then ill throw them on. as of now i dont have a fender on the car and the nose is only held on by two bolts just so the cops dont say shit


I dont doubt you man. And those that do are just jealous or worried. Either way, besides the 747 wing, youve got a badass car. I really want to own a MKIV someday. :slight_smile:

Im done with this thread. Hope you stick around. Dont let all the haters get to you.


no way…stock suspenison on camaros r bad…small stamped tourqe arm…weak as hell control arms…when my 4.10s went in…i was hurting bad for traction


damn autos though… i dont know if you read sport compact… probably not

but a few months ago. they had a feature article on a freind of mine Ryan Woon… silver supra…

Full street weight - 3600lbs … 6spd no nitous… running 9.63 @149