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Any experience with k-pro? I’d like to get a street tune to limp along with until i can get few more bolt-ons and a professional tune.


I can actually help you out Sky. I will PM you my cell # and my dad or I will be glad to help you out with it. My car has been running awesome with my street tune while i’ve saved for an actual dyno tune.


Starting today, I thought I’d start a, “tip of the day,” in the thread. Since the questions have slowly died down, it’s good to bring in new features as we go.

7/22 - When is enough really enough?

This is difficult to say and if you ask 10 different people who tune cars you will more than likely get 20 different answers. Here is my take.

-When road tuning, find the point where you can make the vehicle make a couple of counts of knock. At that point, back off ~10% of the max values to allow for some wiggle room pending temp/gas/conditions ect.
-When dyno tuning, tune until each degree of timing or pound of boost you’re working with can no longer achive ~10whp. Why add timing/boost and push the car for 2-3whp that you’ll probably never even see? ~10whp, ensure the car is tuned safely by making a few consecutive “hot” pulls, no knock=hooray for all.

That’s my theory…the rule of 10’s. Again, everyone has their own theory…that’s just mine.


i was also curious about HP Tuners.
I drive an 03 cavalier… with the 2.2 ecotec engine.
eventually after i get my cams i would be interested in getting it tuned. i was wondering if there is a place that would offer this service?

any help would be great!
thank you!


synapse motorsport has HP tuners, not sure if they have the license for the cavaliers, but i know they have the Cobalts


thank you!
ill look them up right now


besides the “guy in Rotterdam” anyone know a tuner for an LT1 Camaro? What about the guy in Amsterdam? Any feedback on him?


Anyone w/ HP Tuner software should be able to tune the vehicle for you
-Synapse Motorsports
-Moon Performance


Where are they located?


So here’s the deal.

I got headers/exhaust on the Maxima in late July of 2007. I drove around for months with a lean GHOST code (CEL not lit, but code was ‘pending’). Last week I installed a Apexi V-AFC 2 since I am getting a 2000 Maxima IM put on (variable - I’m a 99) and needed either an RPM switch or a V-AFC 2 to control it.

Now that code is not pending but actually lighting the CEL. Question is, my V-AFC 2 isn’t setup to correct anything. Why is the code no longer pending but required to fix now? I’m assuming after a tune it’ll go away, but I just don’t understand how after being a pending code for almost a year it’s now a legit code after the V-AFC 2 install.

I’m getting tuned/dyno’d at Synapse in about 3 weeks.


were can i find an obd2 adapter so i can tune stuff on my laptop. i have program just need the hardware


have they came out with a Kpro yet for my si ? As soon as they do Im getting one


the AP reads boost from the ecu. 18.43 is the programmed maximum in the ecu. anything above that and you subtract atmospheric pressure from MAP, and that will give you manifold relative pressure ie boost.


You would need a 5 bar map installed for this to be an accurate calculation. The stock sensor flat out isn’t capable.


Is the new exhaust catless?


There are several OBDII compliant cables on the market - you need to research your Jeep and see what bandwith/speed it operates at and find a cable that works in that same range. For example a VAG cable is not (in theory) complaint with Subaru/Mitsubishi vehicles…although there was one account where an Evo was ‘accidentally’ flashed with a VAG cable and did not brick the ECU. Whew. :slight_smile:


I checked their website a few days ago and still no, they have a reflash for it though.


eh that sucks ::)but the good thing is once I reflash it instead of having to spend another 1000 for the kpro I just send in the reflashed ecu and I think 400 and they will ship back the kpro…Hopefully it will be ready by January or around there, thats when I plan on doing all that…


theres alot of parts for our cars that I’ve been waiting for ::slight_smile:


ya im in the same boat lol, I window shop on the internet all day haha, interested in a Injen cold air intake ?