Hello says me!

My name is Jimmy.

I am married and have one child, I like long walks in the beach, gladiator movies and overnight stays in Turkish prisons :smiley:

I drive a 2002 Ford Slocus that is gutted/caged and should be paid off before the end of the month.

I instruct for NASA at tracks all over the East Coast but might be getting back into AutoX because of the cost.

I must admit I thought the Pinks episode was pretty cool and fun to watch.



Thanks guys.

slowcamaro - does your Durango have a weight distribution hitch?

No. but i think i am going to put air bags back there if i start towing more often

hola, from rural ridge


it kinda has a different type of weight distribution…

car on back… slowmaro in drivers seat :stick:

welcome and get some pics of gutted fuckus




Here’s my car at last years ITR Expo at Gingerman racetrack. The front half of the cage is from Jay @ DC and I have no complaints about it. I hope to have him put in my window net this spring.



Pewter likes long walks on the beach. Turkish Prisons sound fun.

I thought NASA was the Space Program. You work at Cape Canaveral?

Welcome to Pittspeed.

I am with this one…
NASA = National Auto Sports Association. [www.nasaproracing.com]

Not this one.
NASA = Nation Aeronautics Space Administration [www.nasa.gov]