HELP! - clutch/shifter issue

Alright so a while ago my car was knocking out/sputtering at 2500rpm.
Took it to my mechanic, and I thought it was the MAF, it turned out to be the slave cylinder.

It got fixed, awesome, my clutch pedal is now more fluid/smoother…less resistance.

Now, my STS Fidanza shifter on my Exedy Stage 1 clutch is AWFUL. It was always like a smooth flip to change gears, now it’s a clunky wrenching I have to perform.

From the moment I picked it up, I told my mech it’s not engaging 1st. He said oh yeah put it into 2nd first, then go into 1st. I looked at him like WTF?! So now to engage 1st or Reverse I have to wrench it into 2nd first.

I told him this ain’t right and he assured me it’s cuz of the new slave cylinder and I have to work it in. But really it feels like I’m f**king up my clutch plate.

Any ideas if this is true or what the dilly is?
(PS: calling my mech back today and getting him to to take the car back in…prepared to say you f**ked up my clutch plate…but you did great on the slave cylinder)

yeah its normal to line up the gears you put the shifter to 2nd first and then put it in 1st

has nothing to do with the slave.

No I didn’t think it had anything to do with the slave.

The fact is that I NEVER had to do this before, and I never had to “wrench” it into gear; my STS used to be nice smooth and pop into place…with this I almost have to grip and slam it into gear.

This was never like this before. And I’m seriously concerned.


Shifter works perfect with ignition off. Once the car is running, from a cold start, it’s really resistant and you have to wrench it/play with the clutch to get it to reverse or 1st.

But it seems after driving around and warming up the tranny, it gets better to use. It’ll even go right into reverse and 1st without having to go to 2nd to line the gears.

I think I still need some clarity whether this is ok, or more specifically why this is happening.

did he or even you set the peddle hight after replacing the slave and after the new clutch install?? where does you clutch engauge now? noises? fluid type?

check your fluid bro.

and like coop says…make sure you have sufficient free play and that the clutch was bled properly.

If this is an S13…they are BASTARDS to bleed the clutch 100%

omg, yeah I was thinking they didn’t bleed it properly.
Cuz yeah for the first 5min of ignition the shifter doesn’t move anywhere; you have to wait for the car to warm up seemingly before you can even put it into 2nd.

yep it’s an S13 (signature)

1; bleed clutch properly
2; adjust free play (pedal height)
3; change tranny oil

Would anybody like to help me? <:)

Ajax is faaaaar lol

hehe, from Brampton yeah mon

91 octane at recent gas prices is disgusting…like 1.105


Is your car driveable at all?

Oh yeah, for sure.
It’s just that cold start issue I was talkin about. Once the tranny warms up then I’m good to go.

If I am at my shop late tonight. I’ll let you know.

If your up for a drive to Brampton that is.

Then we can bleed your clutch (if need be) adjust pedal height and change the fluid.

Supply a double double with milk and something to eat. Pay for gear oil. Good to go.

Done and done.
Do you have a number (PM me) that I can contact before leaving just to give you heads up.

By any chance do you have a hi-speed electric drill to get through steel pedals? I have some really nice Razo pedals to put in but I lack the tools/resources. And they require holes to be drilled through the OEM steel pedals to mount

Air tools my friend. Air tools :smiley:

Yet, my drill bits…they are lacking sharpness. We’ll see.

Call around 6 to see whats going on.

Number PM’d

So yeah, it’s all fine now. The car just decided to work one day and has continued to since. The clutch pedal also regained it’s stiffness (just a tad less stiff than in the beginning still)

However my STS has always unscrewed itself from vibrations of the car. so at every light I’m rescrewing it firmly back into place. I’m looking for a solution to that