Help me buy a tv.

Hey guys im looking for a tv. I want it to be 42" and up and be around $1000 give or take a couple hundred.

Now im pretty much a noob and dont really know what to look for and whats better. Like i know i want 1080p, why i have no clue but from what i hear thats what i want lol. No clue whats better lcd plasma projection. I was looking at this but have no clue if its something i should spend my money on.

Also with black friday coming up i figured it would be a good time to buy but wasn’t sure if i could find the same deal on line and just have to wait a bit to get it which i have no problem with.

So basically if you bought something and you are happy with it let me know or if you know of a good tv at a good price let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Things to know.

  1. DLP is going to be the best value (i.e. biggest screen doing 1080p that costs the least).
  2. Plasma and LCD are going to be a wash as far as cost (they go for about the same price).
  3. Toshiba, Sharp and apparently Fujitsu make the best LCD’s
  4. AVSForums are your best bet for getting individual reviews on TV’s
  5. Buy Online, you will save a ton on tax going that route. has some of the best prices for televisions
  6. LG’s are great but I heard they do not last as long as other brands (take that with a grain)

I just got my Samsung 50 rear prjection LCD at best buy for $999