help me fight tickets!

Some of you were there when it happened, for others, I’ll explain. Had a cruise from Taffy’s out to River Rd. in N. Townawanda. Cop saw us, decided to follow, no one noticed him, he didn’t use any radar. Followed us from 190S -> 290E, I was at the end of the pack. Everyone sped up, I didn’t see the cop, speed up and changed lanes (properly). Next thing I know, I see lights (oh shit!), so I got pulled over.

Cop told me that Im def. getting a ticket, asked for license and registration. My license is still DJ, so Im not supposed to drive after 9. I told the officer that I didn’t know about that restriction, but he still gave me a ticket for “Operating in violation of restrictions.”

Next ticket was iffy. There was another black 240 next to me at the time I changed lanes.r. Cop hands me an “Improper Lane change” ticket then tell me, “Im not sure if that was you or your friend, but I picked you out for driving the worst.” :evil:

btw, ticket is a kenmore ticket.

so I have a couple questions:

  1. Do I plea guilty for both or plea not guilty?
  2. Do I need a lawyer, if so, Do you know anyone?
  3. What kinda points am I looking at?
  4. Tell me what is likely to happen to me.
  5. What is a supporting deposition? Should I check yes or no?
  6. I will hook you up with my sister who won the beauty pagent in California if you get me through.

Cliff notes: 2 tickets, improper lane change, driving under 9 with dj license. answer my questions, get hooked up with my sister.

  1. almost always noy guilty unless its a no-points ticket that u dont mind paying
  2. lawyers can be helpful, but these arent serious to NEED one i dont think, depends on the punishment for ticket one
  3. donno
  4. assraped in jail, and forced to drive a dumbestic for 5 years or 50k miles
  5. is your sister blind ? if so … oooooh-lay

i dont see how he can say “i donno who i actualy saw do the violation, but i picked you out for driving the worst” … is the dude fuckin blind ?

sounds like a iffy reason to give a ticket … especialy if the traffic stop is on tape

unsafe lane changes are a bullshit ticket … i had a cop try to cut me off, our mirrors litteraly touched as my tires rubbed the center divider of the 90 as he switched lanes , then has the nerve to blame 98teg for almost wrecking me into the wall

so what can i do since he told me that he wasn’t sure of the lane change? There were 2 black cars in the same position, both made the same lane change.

Goodluck with that one. It’s a main reason why I usually don’t go on cruises, other than having a slow car and loving to drive alone. :frowning: Good luck.

dont sweat it man

I’m going to tell you this straight up

I don’t hate you or anything - but dood :

You were lane changing a complete asshole, you were jerking from lane to lane all night.

Back on topic

Plead not guilty, don’t get a lawyer, be courteous to the judge.

I thought a lot more people got pulled over. I was too busy running. :wink:

thanks for being a straight up guy! :slight_smile:

but i totally didn’t know how bad I was lol. Everyone is telling me to just plead not guilty, so that’s what Im gonna do and hope for the best.

Is there anyway I can request to see tapes of when the cop pulled me over because he did say that he wasn’t sure if it was me or not.

It’s not worth the effort to get the tapes. Just plead not guilty take the fine/school. And not worry about it. :tup:

Confucious say: You want to play, you got to pay.

Next time, don’t speed up

yea plead not guilty
depending on how much a dick the DA and judge are… they could drop the improper lane change and reduce the driving restriction thing to a moving violation for 2 points

my guess is ur gonna have to fork out $150-200 including school and 2 points

another reason i dont like being the last person on a cruise
do i win a date with ur sister yet?

i doubt you will get any points.

So what do you think the outcome of this situation would be if you didn’t go on a drive with people driving like fucktards, reguardless of your innocence?

well if u have ur lisence in NY state u were susposed to read the manual for drivers test and it tells all about the driving restriction after 9…and if u tell the DA u didnt know about it thats exactly what he will say…so jsut plea not guilty and dont say a workd about not knowing about ur DJ lisence…just not and say yes judge i plea not guilty…u will prolly get a fine for the DJ ticket…its not a moving violation so no school for that one…but prolly school for the lane change…if it holds up

Kay, I decided to plea not guilt for both, and I’ve been reading up on procedures of court and blah blah.

I wrote down a few questions for the officer to see if he was sure that I was the one who made the improper lane change or not. He did state that I used my signals.

As for driving after 9, the officer did not ask me where I was coming from, I could’ve came from work and he simply did not ask. BUT, I cannot get a note from work for some various reasons, so I don’t know how it will play out since he didn’t ask me where I was coming from.

they can take ur lisence away for driving after 9 if they really want too…how long have u had ur lisence

i’ve had it for a little more then a year now… :-\

u should be fine then…but it does depend on the judge…good luck

I believe I could help you with this. But my services don’t come cheap, I’ll have to see your sister first.


you should have ran like the rest of us/me.