help with setting timing on a f250 351

whats the best way to do it? truck wont start after head gaskets where put in.

does it crank?

got it to run but its back firing out of te carb

Check firing order again, even if you know its right.

Im going to take a guess here from experience, but i had the same problem and its because my carb needed rebuilt.

is there anyone that knows of a shop that could set the timing on this truck ive been workin no stop and i cant get it to run the truck is glenshaw and dosent run

what type of motor, what year, things need to be specificied

turn distributor some one way and see what happenes. if nothing try some more. if nothing then go the other way. if still won’t run then you have the distributor in wrong.

its a 86 f250 with a 351
i tried lineing the distributor up with number 1 but still just cranks. i had it runnin yesterday but i died and hasnt restarted since

fuel pump working? how long did it run yesterday
are you 180 out possibly?
how long did it run?
when it ran was it rough?

fuel pumps is workin it only ran for like 2 mins and it was rough i tried move the rotor around but still nothing

if some one can help me get this runnin tonight i have beer i could kick them some money when i get paid. its my plow truck and its suppose to snow the rest of the week

did you line up the chain right?


not the chain the gear, aren’t you supposed to mark both so you know how they go back together

you dont need to do that with a headgasket swap on a windsor motor

—did you remove the dist at all? if so did you spin the motor over at all? in some cases with fords the dist can be unplugged from the harness, did you see if its pluged in? is it cranking strong or weak? did you check your plugs, maybe you replaced the head gaskets but they didnt seal so now you got coolant in the chamber

yeah we removed the dist didnt look like anything was unplugged i was runnin rough yesterday for a little bit i just pulled the plugs and cleaned and regapped them

ok you pulled the dist out, now did you rmember which way you pulled it out. if not taking into account of which way you removed the dist. apond reinstallation of the dist it could be in wrong and causing your issue. youre best bet is now to do this to get you where you need to be. look on your balancer. and clean it off. make sure you can see the marks on it. should show 30 - 20. look for 0 on the balancer. now align the 0 with the pointer . now you have a 50/50 shot of gettign it right. one way will fire other way will fire thru the carb[poping back] now install the dist with the rotor’s point roughly at 12-1 oclock. now for the stang they say to do this with the pointer on the 10* mark, either way works. now put eveyrthing back together and fire the truck. if it fires its right then you go about adjusting your timing. now if it doesnt and it pops back its 180* for the most part and now you just pull the dist out and turn it 180* and then reinstall. and repeat

theonly thing i can see on the balancer in a notch is that 0?

wipe it off with parts cleaner if you can. there are notches that i usually get paint or calk to see