Hey everyone

well… i’ve never owned a nissan before, but im planning on getting into the nissan thing HUGE. Im buying an NX2000 to beat around a track, and a 300zx (mainly for my dad).

Just wondering if there is anything special I should pay attention to when buying either of these cars, thanks everyone


Welcome to the forum!!

hey welcome , you shouldn’t get a z32 get an r32 … buy mine if you wish :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey welcome to the site…you’ll probably end up wanting the zx to be mainly for you haha

Rust. Everything else is easy.


… Osad… Z32’s don’t rust that much.
When you’re buying the 300 the first thing you should look for is a straight frame. Most of these cars are thrashed in the hands of inexperienced drivers and either lose it from an accident or are unable to pay insurance because they have too many speeding tickets.

Front ends on these cars get pretty banged up from those overconfident brakers as they find their way into the back of an average minivan.

Rust is an issue for any old canadian car. That’s all I’m saying. I wasn’t referring to the seller’s market of the 300zx.

Sure it’s a problem, but it’s not something you really have to look out for on a Z32 is all I’m saying. I know you weren’t specifically referring to the Z32, but the general statement that you made makes it seems like the Z32 suffers the same fate, but it doesn’t. It may enounter some rust, but usually no where near the amount that an equivalent Nissan car of the same age has.