hey hey

what up people i had a couple people tell me bout this site and thought i would check it. names eric im drivin a black on black 91 300zx TT always looking to cruise at night give me a shout if your down… lata

u the one who was at the first dyno day at mikes?



yea that was me

whats up, post some pics up

:heart: a clean 300zx

:wave: what up and welcome


We can never have enough Zs :tup:


que pinga pasa?

yay!! more z drivers!!!, i got a na red, im down for cruising once im back in b-lo

<—the drunk guy at the first dyno day. :wave:


<---- the guy who pissed a lot and had cobra wheels

i might have to buy one

gotta love ticking lifters!! xander you have the green rx-7 that was at taffys last sun?