HONDA GUYS PLZ HELP-Prelude idle problem

I was having the low idle/surging/stalling problem that a lot of other ppl are having. After researching it I found out that the IACV has to be cleaned and the FITV has to be adjusted. Today i decided to fix the problem. First i did the IACV and the car ran fine. Next i did the FITV. Thats when i ran into a problem. I unbolted the FITV from the trottle body.

Then i turned the white screw as far as it would go in

I bolted everything back up correctly and started the car. At first it idled above 1000rpm. Then as the car warmed up to normal temp the idel went to about 850rpm which is about normal. I thought everything was all good untill i took the car down the block. When i put the car in neutral it idles really low and almost stalls. What did i do wrong?? It hadn’t stalled like that in a while and now it happens right after i fix those 2 things. Anyone have any suggestions?


Just cleaned the EGR valve and reset the ecu. Still no change

When i block the FITV with my finger on cold start up, idle drops. When its warm theres no change.

When i unplug the IACV the engine shuts off when it is cold and also at opperating temp.

Is this supposed to happen?

make sure the idle adj screw didnt back itself out

people always blame he iacv for that, or an over tightened throttle cable.

the idle screw is in, i checked that.