honda issue. vtec help

so i have a cel and its for electronic cooling temp (ect) and vtec wont work and has trouble reaching rmps. it sputters and if i drive for 30 min shut off the car for like 10 min start it, up vtec works all the sudden but still runs like shit. any help please?

Stuck thermostat, VTEC will not engage at low ECT’s. Check the connections at the ECT sensor, ground on the t-stat housing, possibly check with a known good sensor…and replace your thermostat.

what year make model?

96 civic an a 2000 gsr swap. my temp never goes to hot so if thermo stuck wouldnt it overheat?

They are designed to fail in the open position to prevent overheating. It will read low on the temp gauge all the time.

thermo’s are cheap and easy to replace, go grab one and throw it in

ok thanks guys