how do YOU get rid of rust?

I would just like to gather some ideas of your own way of getting rid of rust and the cost. thx

By buying a car without one :stuck_out_tongue:

buy a saturn

why buy a saturn? Because they are made out of plastic/cardboard?

geo > saturn


cut and weld is the only proper way, or sandblast

my perfect way would be sand that shit off with high grit, wipe off the sand dust, spray some acid onto that shit, than melt it a bit with a torch, than prime and paint, as for now, i just sand off the shit and prime it, seems to hold up for small dings and shit

sure, if you wanna make a pretzel. would be a nice piece of contemporary artwork i suppose.

lol, whatever kills the cancer, pretzel 240’s attack

Cut the rust out and weld in galvanized steel, it may cost a bit more than regular sheet metal but its worth it, you can use stainless steel but stainless is hard to weld with sheet metal, plus galvanized is lighter.

depends on what kind of rust youre talking about, I just got my 240 this week and I have to replace some parts of the floor board, mainly the passenger side rear seat mount since it kinda fell through the floor.

that sounds like my car…

I parting it… lol

Yeah the best solution definetly depends on the situation.

Rusted floorpans are different then rockers which are different then rusted body panels which are different then rusted frame rails …

More specific questions will last longer without locking in the technical section.