how many of you?

Just wondering how many people have driven or been in a turbo’d D series civic and what where your thoughts?

Not that impressive. It’s still a D series.

I owned on back in the day - z6 with a super 60 on it. Thing was fun as hell.

is this thread really happening?

rsx fitment wheels now this?

Jesus… idk. The sig says it all.

enjoyment is subjective. i used to own a gsr teg with boost… fun as hell for me as well…

my supra was more fun though… getting pushed + boost >FWD…

would a boosted honda be a fun daily? hell yea

please take these threads to GTCars where somebody might actually give a fuck. nobody here cares about your civic.


just my 2 cent. i would superchage that na motor b4 thinking of doing turbo. well this is just me.
if i have a s2k i would sc them too over turbo…

but if i have a turbo motor car then yeah ill upgrade my turbo.

just my 2cent. (ziiiip flaming suit on)

^ Says the guy without a 240 or Nissan lol.


cant you get a k20 with that much money doing a turbo?


i wouldnt go that far…

it’s okay, just strange.

never been in one but i would agree with izzo… makes more sense to put that money on a b series. they have independently adjustable cams right?.. don’t know alot about honda engines but i thought the d series doesn’t. Either way the b series can be much more than a d series in the end. And do you really want to put a turbo on a daily driver… think about the MPG man…

there are some reeeal fast turbo d’s out there… it all depends on how much $$ you want to invest

but as for a street setup you could go much faster with a b20/vtec cheaper than anything else…even if you were to invest 3-4k in a decent kit for the D, you would be putting up around the same power as the B but the N/A setup would most likely be faster down the 1/4 mile.

but maybe just driving a boosted car daily is the best advantage :wink:

^ has no idea.

I had a fully built D15b with t3/t4 shit was fast as hell in a CRX. 270whp

i hate how people are STILL flaming hondas, and i know it’s 99.9% because they are FWD. this JDMdrift fanboy shit is getting so lame and just because your pizzaman neighbour had a stock one with 18" chrome rims, euro tails and a wing doesn’t mean they are all like that. i feel like people should get over it and be learn how to appreciate them for what they have to offer instead of being all FWD IS GAY. 1st, you’re gay, and if reliability and performance potential means anything to you when youre driving a car, a civic can last much longer and can be pushed very far in terms of performance. i like RWD too, but there is nothing wrong with civics, hondas, FWD, or d series engines, i bet half the people here have never even been in a fast boosted honda and they’re the people saying how gay hondas are.

i’m about to boost a z6 and unless you’re looking for crazy power, it will be enough. D series engines are tanks and you can run them on complete stock internals till ~200hp. you can boost a B series too and get much more power, but thats just up to you. 200 for a car that weighs 2300lbs is still gonna be fast

Honestly ppl still flaming civics are morons who probably never drove one or owned one other than their grandma’s stock civic… and sadly some of yous could probably get rocked by a stock civic around track even with an SR lol…

Cars are cars… they’re either fun, moddable, fast, whatever… or they are poop… doesn’t matter what brand or model… that’s it… damn it… when are people gona get out of their gay closet with the stupid “ooh honda” or “oh american brick car” or whatever… cars are cars… that’s it.

Hey man don’t get all aggresive as you are on a 240 forum asking for love for honda’s. Nothing wrong with honda’s, they did put out the s2000 and the NSX and those were both rwd and badass. They do have some great cars there is no denying that.

With that being sad, the word ricer wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for civics and that is an undisputed fact. Yeah i’m a fan of the crx and si’s. But you can’t forget that tuners wouldn’t have such a bad reputation withouth those civics that believe in underglow and big muffler tips that make that vtec sound like a freakin blender. Civics really are the fwd version of the 240… huge fanbase, lots of mods, and a reputation for being the starting point in any tuners career. But you can’t deny that civics have really given a bad rap to all the decent tuners out there.

So yeah… you may be a decent civic lover out there who is looking out for all the other serious tuners out there. Don’t hate on us for having a dislike towards civics, hate on the damn ricer civics out there for giving you guys that name. And yeah i’ve been in civics and around tons of them but that doesn’t change the fact that these things are at the center of being a ricer.

Not hating on you or any other civic out there… just don’t expect a warm welcoming next time you make a post like that one ^

I owned 1993 Civic CX (crab-hatch) for 2 months… It just wan’t comfortable… I bet a turbo’d civic would rock even though I don’t like driving them!

And before you try hating on me… i love intergras and always have so there is a fwd honda that gets my support