How much does nyspeed (or vb in general) cost?


I want to try to get it implemented here at work (we unofficially use slack currently, meh). I googled it and it seems cheap ($20-70 per license?) but what does a license mean? Moderator seat? User seat?

I just love the forum layout and it would be a great collaborative tool that’s so simple and well put together. And there could be a way to add more security so the public wouldn’t/couldn’t know it existed.


Weird I have never heard of a place try to use forum software in a business context.


vB is OK, but it’s not the greatest software. My favorite right now is

The vB license isn’t too bad. But I haven’t looked into what it includes in quite a long time.


i recommended this same thing a bunch of years ago to my company at the time instead of salesforce but then salesforce got awesomer.


No one is trying to use it yet, but I think it could be neat. That way everyone could see what’s going on (like slack) but it’s better organized. Slack is too yahoo chat room like. You could also have hidden areas for each group to internally discuss things.


I expressed interest in Slack a couple years ago and none of my employees seemed to want it. I guess they didn’t want everyone to know who the slackers were. :smiley: It definitely puts everyone on the same page and exposes who is not doing their job. I thought about just getting a Facebook page and just using “privately” so to speak.

It is frustrating wen I hear people say, “This is the first I have heard of this issue”. If there was a “bulletin board” to post on, everyone would know immediately.


I’m familiar with slack and the other 1000 collaboration tools I work with hundreds of companies each year.

I haven’t seen anyone use forum style software it would actually be a good idea :tup:


In the business setting how much better is a forum than group email? When I was at att they kept trying to implement an internal social network but everyone kept reverting to group email…


For a forum solution, my company uses Jive.

For communication we use IRC, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo mail, and Hipchat

We used to use Slack but due to some of the known vulnerabilities.


would be cool to use I think… I’ve always tried to push co-workers towards internal blogs/CMS/IRC rooms/etc… but it seems many older folks who are set in their ways never can get going with it, so I gave up on trying. We have Cisco Jabber for instant communication now, but no good group communication solutions.


Ha! I am the oldest guy here and I am the one who wanted to use it! :smiley:




I love slack.


I have got to get it implemented here!


to answer OPs question: a VB License is like $250 + whatever costs are associated with hosting the software. So not very expensive.

IMO VB would be a crappy tool for an organization.

You might be interested in atlassian’s stuff:


Thanks @Matt_Danger. Yea, we use jira for ‘tickets’ (IT, packaging, visitors, etc) and officially have spark for chat. Group emails suck because they are sort of exclusive instead of inclusive, chat rooms suck because there is no real history and specific threads about a topic, it’s just all jumbled together under a generic topic. It would be like if all of our threads were mixed in with a few different conversations going on at once.

Is there a free/trial version of VB that I could get a few guys to try out as a pilot?


We have separate slack channels for each project, team, client, etc. We have like 30 channels. it sounds like a lot but the inactive ones get hidden and you can mute chatty ones that you’re not involved in.

We are only a team of 7 tho so probably smaller than your place.


Whatever you do I would avoid putting in directly on the internet


This is a lost battle, everyone is hung up on slack then office 365 with skype for business. ugh.


Skype for business is pretty horrible you should push Hipchat much better and custom memes :tup: