How much has your health insurance changed?


Mine went up 50$ a month…

But Jesus Christ OP 10000? LOLOLOL wtf rapist health insurance do you have?

My max OOP is 1200, family is 3k if I ever have a family.


I pay something like $360(family) a month for medical/dental/vision with cheap drug coverage and cheap co pays.

I was/am happy with my health coverage

Just all of the plans work offers had their max out of pocket raise by $4000 or more.


I’ve seen alot of companies doing the increase on the OOP limits alone, keeping everything else the same. Our family limit was $5k a few years ago and in the past few yrs took it to 10k. It comes down to how much your employer is willing to kick in on their end. Sometimes it hurts working for a larger company because their coverage costs become substantial.

I’m about the same as your coverage ~400k/month for med/prescrip/dental.


My last company covered 100% of all health insurance costs but it was more of a hipster startup out of Cali :lol:


Jesus that is a massive increase.


Mine went up $1/month.

Thanks a lot, Obama.


No clue what mine adjusted to so far. Probably find out within the next couple weeks.

Right now I I’m paying about $300/mo for family, 3000 max out of pocket, and excellent coverage other wise. If it goes up by much or they adjust the coverage down, we’ll just switch to my Wife’s companies insurance which is right about the same cost/benefits.

I work for Moog (for now… my division is up for sale); my wife works for the University of Utah Healthcare (meaning the Hospitals, community clinics, etc).


Mine will be increasing 27%

Those posing should note if they work for a small business / self employed, or if they work for a larger company.

For those who work in small business and want to understand a bit more what your employer or yourself are up against, ADP put this out a few months ago and it’s long but worth the listen. And it’s non-political:


I work for a huge global company.

I pay $235 /Mo with a $3,000 deductible and $6,000 Out of Pocket. This is a 10% copay on prescriptions and an HSA that the company pays $900 into annually. This also includes dental and vision.

This will be increasing to $345 /mo and we are assuming the same deductible but have not been informed of those changes yet. All of the other benefits will remain intact.

This is a 32% increase. The largest sum of the increase is my company trying to get people off of their insurance. They charge what is called a “working spouse” surcharge. It as $25 and was applied since my wife was employed full time and has insurance available. This has now increased to $75 and they are offering a new plan called employee plus children. It is geared at getting the spouses on to their own companies insurance and reducing overall plan costs. This would save me $180 monthly reducing my costs to $165. Using my plan to estimate her plan if she takes her insurance and we have two policies it would make our monthly premium $260 but would also force us to carry two deductibles and two separate hsa accounts etc…

I have a lot to think about this year. I have not run the numbers for both of us to go to her plan as that data is not available to me quite yet but this post will be a helpful reference for when that time comes.

She works for M&T if anyone has insight to the quality of their benefit packages. She is an officer if they carry a higher level plan like BOA did.


self-employed and my scenario almost exactly matched the graph posted above. scheduled 9.9% increase for 2014 for my current underwritten plan…on the exchanges the same plan is going to cost at least 3x more. $88/month versus >$300. i do get coverage for mental health screenings, drug abuse counseling and maternity care…surely worth the increased premium…


We had no change in coverage, and no increase this year.

It’s fairly common for companies to change coverage in order to reduce or eliminate increases. There’s a lot of factors that go in to a health plan increase, so without knowing all the variables it’s difficult to say what in particular caused the change. If your company is on an experience rated plan, it could be something as simple as someone in the group having a preemie, cancer or a stroke.


Currently mine is $3500 a year with $2500 deductible and $5000 out of pocket. No dental, single plan and company pays half of policy and half my deductable. We don’t renew till april but it goes up every year.


To the OP, you will hopefully not go anywhere near the OOP Max, but it sure would suck ass if you broke your leg or something


It doesn’t really work like that.

My wife had CT scans and a bunch of other shit done this past year and what we paid out of pocket was extremely little.


I pay about $4100 a year out of my paycheck(s) for health insurance for my wife and me. I pay no copay for primary, and very small amounts for hospital and surgery. For a surgery, ambulance ride, and hospital stay I’d probably have to pay a couple hundred dollars IIRC. Luckily I haven’t needed any sort of medical attention other than routine physicals and bloodwork on occasion. Probably need new glasses soon but that’s about it.


Large Corporation for me,

Mine has the same $1250 deductible (after this they cover 80%) and $5k out of pocket max. I also get $450 into my HSA when I contribute a match.

It’s basically impossible to get to the out of pocket max because of the 80% being covered after the $1250.

Also fixed price visits: $30 Primary Care Physician, $50 Specialist

I don’t know how much rates are going up if at all until this friday. I pay about $80/ month now (dental included) with half of that going into my HSA. It also includes 1xbase pay life insurance and extended disability pay.


Thank you for this. Now I need to figure out if stakeholders who take a draw, or 100% commission sales count as employees to make sure I’m doing everything right

I’m on my parents health insurance plan again which is nice for me. My dad hasn’t complained about any hike in rates.


your dad works where I work, so he won’t know until friday either.


no change


I should know. But I don’t.