How much has your health insurance changed?


With out getting political just curious if yours went up/down

I don’t know if my(family plan) premium changed but my maximum out of pocket went from $6000 -> $10,000


My contribution went up $2 a month. Haven’t reviewed the terms closely yet but everything looks the same. Your plan must suck or you’re on a lot of meds if you’re hitting the out of pocket max?


I’m not hitting the out of pocket max.

The fact it went from 6k -> 10k is slightly annoying.

Every other plan the company offers also just about doubled for max out of pocket.

I’m extremely happy with my current low premium/coverage/prescription drug plan.

My point was even if my insurance premium doesn’t go up $1 im still getting LESS coverage for the same price.


30 years without it… i should probably look into it… i might be able to afford it now…


Hitting the out of pocket max is not hard at all with a family. Our company has 500k employees offers only one plan and it has a co-insurance, where we pay 30% of all in network expenses and 70% out of network. This will be the 3rd year in a row I hit the 10k family max, needless to say I’ve claimed the above 7.5% of my AGI on our taxes.

My youngest son’s birth was like $4k out of pocket, oldest son needed an MRI at Women and Children’s that was another $2.5k, and those amounts are after the 70% discount…the healthcare system is a joke.

I’ve yet to receive our plan but it usually goes up a few dollars a year and coverage has pretty muched stay the same.


Mine went down…

According to my cheat sheet from the presentation single, low deductible, low co-pay was $140, now $105 a month. Family was $411, now $329. But I don’t have a quick comparison of co-pays and deductibles. Single deductible is $500, max out of pocket is $1500. Family max is $3000 (in network ONLY).

My new plan has an HSA option of low rate $48 ish a month single, and allows you to set up a pre-tax HSA (health savings account). But this is the high deductible, all doctor visits are out of pocket option (or withdraw out of what is in the HSA). So, if you don’t go to the doctor a lot, or at all, and take that $57 a month swing and “invest” it in the HSA you will have $684 at the end of the year. You can carry that over year to year. If you do this for the next 5 years, you would have $3420 + interest in an HSA.

The deductible is $1400, max out of year for this plan is $2800. Family max is $5600 in network, $11,200 out.

So the yearly “gamble” for max out of pocket is ($2800-$1500) = $1300 - $684 (that you can save) = $616

The HSA is transferable, and you could save it until you are Medicare age when you would need it.

The annoying part is paying $5.25 a month for Health Care Reform, because apparently if I have a job and have health care, I need an addition tax.


My univera from work has a $100/month less cobra cost than any of the ACA plans, and is much better coverage with 0 deductable/out of pocket costs. I just don’t get any of this. If I didn’t get healthcare from work, it would cost me $650ish/mo from the market. For someone making <35k gross a year, I don’t see how that’s “affordable”?

I have not seen my prices or plans change at all yet, but its still early.


Mine just went up another 15%. BCBS. $3000 deductible.


i have been buying my own insurance for a couple of years now. right now my blue cross blue shield PPO plan is a 10/90 co-insurance type with $1250 deductible and i think $3k out of pocket max. it is $80/month. there has been an approved 9.9% increase for next year. so $88 if i keep it through 2014…which i’m allowed to do before it will be retired in december 2014.

i have checked out the exchange rates and the plan i currently have most closely matches up with another plan offered by BCBS that is designated as a platinum plan and costs about 3-4x as much. i am not eligible for a subsidy due to income. so for 2014 i will keep my current medically underwritten plan.

of course this has always been the case. even when i worked for a corporation it was cheaper for me to buy insurance on the open market than it was to be on the company plan. even though they were paying some portion of the cost, i was basically the cheapest person to insure at the company… i was young, white and healthy. so i bought insurance on the market. i asked my company how much of the amount they would otherwise be spending on my insurance would now be in my pay check…they said zero…because me leaving the employee plan would actually tend to increase the rates for everyone else. i left all the same. i then joined back in once i got married so that i could get my wife insured.

now for my wife the exchange rate is a good bit cheaper. she had a pre-existing condition so buying a plan for her on the open market required getting a non-underwritten guaranteed issue plan which is about $650/mo for a plan similar to what i have. on the exchange she can get a similar plan for around $300.

if we go in together the platinum plan will be between $500 and $600. so cheaper than what we pay combined now, but more expensive than if i stick with my plan for the next year.

i’m still waiting to see what people who actually get the subsidy are going to be paying.


I still pay nothing (medical,dental,vision) … still without a new contract … so if anyone want to turn wrenches for a living and doesnt like paying for health insurance … nfta is always looking mechanics


BCBS employee’s haven’t had our open enrollment yet, but I haven’t heard anything bad yet. I presently am in the family HDHP plan which costs me zero dollars out of my paycheck. My deductible is 2500 and BCBS gives us 60% of it into a HSA. This was my first year doing this style of plan and for my wife and I like it. I was putting money into the HSA so I have it pretty well stocked now with what BCBS gives us and I only typically go to my doctor twice a year. The plan works well for me.

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Our Bargaining unit employee’s have different insurance than us non-exempt folk. Don’t expect that to last forever though.

One annoying thing they did to us non-exempt folk last year is they built this new Network called Align and it is partnered with Kaleida LOTS of people doctors where no longer in the plan.


well … as long as the nfta still has the same piece of shit millionaire board members … we will never see a new contract … so we will just live with what we got … we have gave this company to much over the years … fuck the board members


wow… we requested a private room for our first child and i think the bill we got in the mail was $50 for that upgrade… same with the second one except they didnt have a private room available so it was $0.

but yes, i understand that we pay for it in advance with higher taxes.


If anyone wants to work for a company that offers extremely cheap insurance to part/full timers…FedEx. Its like $12 a month for medical/dental/vision.


I haven’t seen any increase or decrease yet. Although as of jan 1st I’m being forced to take single coverage even though I’m under my wife’s family plan. It’s because of the way my union’s collective bargaining agreement is written. Our health money goes into a health/other account which we can split up however we want. Currently I put 100% in the other account which I then use for vacations and daycare reimbursement. After the first, Obamacare is forcing me to use a fraction of my employer’s contributions into this account for health insurance I don’t need. Which means less money for vacations and daycare reimbursement. Fuck Obamacare.


I believe the current contract I’m under went up less than 5%. Thing is I’m just coming from a different funding source where I was paying much MORE than I do now, even after the hike. :slight_smile:


I’ve been fortunate enough to be under my mothers plan. I’ll be turning 26 next May and will have my health insurance wake up call.

My company sent an email out stating that our coverage is cheaper and more beneficial than any of the Obama care plans. From what I hear, it hasn’t gone up too much within our company.


Is I don’t know an acceptable answer? I just get fingered out of my paycheck and accept it.


I agree, fuck Obamacare.


When you tax success beyond the point of reason, people will stop being successful. If it becomes more lucrative to be UNproductive people will quit their good jobs, take up work at Naco Bell and let some other successful sucker pay their way. When are we gonna load 'Murica 2.0 SP1?