how much is 112 at innovative?

Just wondering…

I think 7.50 but i could be wrong


Unleaded race gas is a lot more expensive than leaded race gas (at the same octane rating), but it won’t kill your oxygen sensors.

When compared to 100 octane at 4.50/gal it’s actually cheaper per point of octane.

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true, ive used a denso 02 in my car and it lasted 2 race seasons with about 25 gallons of c16 running through it, it will kill them eventually but with the denso it doesnt kill it as fast.

This is true. It depends on the type of sensor. Many cars have bosch sensors and they crap out very quickly when run with leaded fuel.

This has never happened before, but I’m currently out of 112. A few guys bought a ton last week before my new fuel arrived. I’ll have it shortly. I apologize for any inconvenience…and I’m getting a LOT this time. :wink: