How the f*ck are you?

What’s up, bitches? How you all been? What the fuck you all doing? How many kids do you have? How many divorces have you gone through? How slow is your shit now? Where do you live or are you still in around Buffalo complaining about Buffalo but never going to leave Buffalo?

Can someone FedEx me a bag of Sahleens hot dogs?



Still in 716. Doing great actually. 1 kid and still married. My shit is still fast as fuck.

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Love this area, no kids and still married. Still fast but now bought and not built.

im trying to get IN to buffalo…lol

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What you driving nowadays?

Your fam still own that restaurant? Why do you wanna get into Buffalo?

Ducati V4s
Buell XB12
Model YP
1500 AT4
2 dr Wrangler(very slow)


716 and like it here (skiing, boating). Never was cool club fast, just stock GTO quick. Current rides stock Audi S5 Cab, Buick Enclave, 21’ Larson bowrider. 1 wife, 1 kid (who’s going into her junior year of high school… fuck I’m old).

Detroit area now, was in Houston.
10 cars, 1 bike, 1 wife, soon to be 3 kids.

Fast car is a C6 with about 1200whp. Slow car is a 98 Sebring vert with like 125hp lol

F1a94 C6Z

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Model Y Performance, Rivian R1S. “Moderately fast”

Thoughts on the rivian vs the Tesla? I have a hummer and cybertruck on order, my plan is to get whichever comes in first.

As we all get older, isn’t that what we are supposed to do, bought not built? LOL

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Fuck that shit. I have trust issues. Except for northeast machine. Their work has been perfect for every engine I build.

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I don’t know many of you guys but know the cars. I used to hang with the BaDaZz Z/28 crew but we’ve been disbanded lol.

I still hang with Choda and race with Mr Smith.

Still in 716 but we’re moving ASAP when we retire.

Own 5 cool cars, 1973 Mach 1, 1979 Trans Am, 1980 Z28, 1986 IROC-Z, and a 2015 Z/28

Daily is a 2023 Silverado with the 6.2, also have 5 classic Honda mopeds.


Working on getting into the US and eventually a dual citizen.

Already have E1 visa and SSN and a US business with 7 figure revenues but its actually extremely difficult to do this.

Been working on it for years actually. And buffalo is still close enough to family and my canadian businesses and associates.

Wifey wants to go further south and get rid of winter, but i think we’ll just also have an FL or TX place as soon as our kiddos are off on their own. Both are teenagers now.


If you are thinking of going to Texas, I suggest you buy something right now. Real estate is bonkers there, too.

It’s like, you have a type and stick with it. I wonder what all the girls you dated looked like, and if they look the similar…

Two totally different machines. Telsa is all tech, shitty suspension tuning, but I really don’t need to worry whenever I drive to Bay Area, Vegas, etc. Tesla super spartan, and lacks “old man” creature comforts I have a hard time living without, like cooled seats, and a screen / dash in front of me. I’d also like to adjust a couple more things without needing to go into track mode, like brake regen / bias.

Rivian has a lot more thought that went into it. Suspension is surprisingly good for roads and off road. The adjustable ride height + damping is fucking insane honestly, and really makes the truck feel super planted in turned considering it’s 3+ tons. Interior space is great, fit and finish inside is great. The adjustments right out of the box are pretty good. It’s spacious and you can tell they really thought about a lot when they designed the truck. My friends with Range Rovers love the Rivian, and when they drove it they were floored with how fast it was.

Whatever electric car you get, just remember : you’re still a beta tester / sucker that is testing out their half broken shit.

Yeah I’ll pass.