How to fit rims too wide on a car without widebody *PICS*



what the fuck is this?

You’re discriminating. I knew it. You made me and david park accross so we wouldnt ruin your shot. You bastard, i’m putting my loaded steakhouse burger in your dish next time.


lmao Cal-soy its time for some rims haha


Its time for rims for you aswell lol


my hero


stretch FTMFW


that strech is sick, real sick. they should be safe, people do this all the time. however don’t let MTO or the po-po get to close to them or they may say otherwise.



some race cars also use tire stretch…someone on Zilvia posted a pic of some Formula 3000 (or some racing league like that), car with stretched tires. Stretch is terrific, its fantastic, its wonderful.


vlads setup is baller though


woah woah…your moms pimp enough said


Got to admit… That’s pretty ghey…


I love your Mom,and your stretched tires n your sweet wheels


wow that is fucking grimy looks dirty id shit if my mom rolled in that


if only i could get my mom to put wheels on the altima


If they dont blow up when I do this


Then they are good enough for the street and definately good enough for my mommy!

Oh btw its the exact same pair of tires as they didnt get finished last event.



Vlad, your mom’s Z is ballin’! Is it stick?

Nice drift pics too!


Thanks dude, Yeah!


Vlad your moms pimp, nuff said.


i like how Vlads mom is more baller than 99.9% of son



haha that is so true.



does she know you drifted her car.

btw that blown strech tire looks like nexxen/khumo/nangkang garbage, so no suprise there.

*edit, looks like a toyo proxes?

either way that kinda blowout isnt normal, musta been a manufacturing defect.