Hwy Traffic act *important*

ok i think this would be usefull !! read it and you will know ur rights.

yes, it’s usefull.
i’m looking for it for a long time.
thx a lot

section 191.3 is interesting… Crappy Tire sells license plate covers listed as “for offroad use only” (blue or smoke tinted). As these can potentially prevent the 407 cameras (or an officer for that matter) from clearly reading, these are in violation of this section yet it’s perfectly legal for them to sell them. Anything other than clear can get you pulled over and potentially fined.


Oh, there’s something of note for all you right hand drive guys… there’s asection in the HTA that stimpulate you MUST have posted on the back of your vehicle in bold lettering no smaller than 50mm in height in a contrasting colour from your car “RIGHT HAND DRIVE VEHICLE”.

I can’t remeber the last time I saw a mail truck posted with that… :confused:

and the next section goes IF the vehicle is not equipped with a mechanical or electrical signaling system.

I didn’t get that far… skimming through but I thought it was a bit bizare. I read a post here about a JDM driver that got stopped by a cop that was doing a seatbelt check. Cop didn’t know what to make of the car…

^^Ok what this section is saying is that… if the vehicle is not complying with the requirements for a signaling system, then the vehicle must then have the RHD posted on the back. But basically if your car has the side markers and tail lights that are to spec you will not need it.