I dated mad mature girls...

So i went to 80’s night last thurdsday.
I always go.
I also always take my shoes off, because i kick so many people and step on so many toes (both figuratively and literally) that i decide to do it with “soft feet”
My ex GF is there.
All slutted up.
So, i dance extra annoying and hard, just to be all “i dont give a fuck about you, slut”
So i can see it’s pissing her off. Im dancing with every girl there (because they fucking love it).
So she dissappears and i dont give a fuck. Then a friend comes over:
“dude, amy just took your shoes into the girls bathroom”.

So i have a ladyfriend go into the bathroom. There is my shoe… placed neatly in the toilet…
Wow. Then she comes out, all giggly… like it is the fucking cleverest thing anyone has every done… like she had extensively planned it for weeks… right…

The revenge took only a split second to concoct, and was scores better. She goes outside to celebrate her “victory”. SOMEHOW? an ENTIRE glass of pop, made its way off the second floor balconey and onto her stupid face. Let it be known that i was not anywhere in the vicinity of the glass…

Amy 0
Pop 1

Dude I feel sorry for you, I once dated a crazy/obsessive/real mature girl, and yeah it was just soooooooo much fun :bloated:

lol … owned

you really pooped in a glass?

thats fucking awsome

lol awesome!!!

i had to read it 2x as i thought pop said poop, which would of made it more interesting :slight_smile:


I may have miss read pop

POOP would have been way better anyways faggot

were they expensive shoes?

its poop again

you seem to have interesting times at 80s night.

hahah…the stories u have from 80’snights are damn funny…

Tell me it was those shows you had on at taffys… lol

What the hell were your shoes off in a bar for?

:rofl: i thought it said poop which made me laugh hysterically till i read your post. hahahahahahhahahaha. i was kind of thinking that someone scooping poop out of a toiletr with a glass and dumping on a girls face would def be interesting to see:headbang:

if i took my shoes off in a bar people would pass out


Newman I gotta go up there with you one of these weeks.

My bad! i was just scanning the post while im working. Glad she got hosed with pop though. Would have been funnier if it was poop but thats more trouble than its worth.

:rofl: awesome

WTF is her problem. Shes super uber :gay2: about everything.

It fuckin chaps my ass

Were they L.A. Gear high tops?