I finally got to the track...

This was the 3rd pass I had all year 11’s or bust.

1/8th mph–90.31
1/4th mph–111.67

On 23 X 9 slicks

I think I see a Typo, but good times :tup:

X… :wink:

hotTtness…don’t listen to johnny wiggles over there…he knows nothing

haaaaa johnny wiggles

nice run Russ :slight_smile:

:tup: thats one fast civic


time to go up in the slick size, I go into 5th :tdown: at the end of the track

I think KingSneakio is full of shit as well… Nice runs none-the-less my man! :wink:

I wish I got more runs in but there were too many cars breaking down :(, we didn’t start running till 9pm :eek:

So they had an RX-7 or DSM GTG there?

X… :smiley:

^ lol.

nice times. :tup:

hmm, I was gunna pick some slicks up but if ya wanna sell me yours, it will give ya some cash for the new ones. let me know how much your looking to get. ive got cash in hand, especially after my consistant 2.5 60fts.

pretty good 60ft :tup:

nice times, shouldnt your trap be higher?
good either way tho :tup:

Trap should be higher but with my short gearing, I m running out at then end of the track. If I get a taller slick, I will be in the top of 4th and my trap will go up.


I see no reason that there should be any hype on roll races anymore, thats a good enough 60 to compete like a man :tup:

/\ he doesnt roll around on his slicks?

excuses excuses…