I finally hit 12's!

R/T 0.613 (thanks John)
60ft 2.259 :bloated:
1/8 8.594
mph 89.84
1/4 12.979
mph 112.38

Hit both my goals. 110+trap and a high 12. Needles to say, I am very very pleased with my results.

wow very good times!

pretty damn impressed. especially with the mods that ive heard you have. unless your a sneaky ass bitch.

l l <---- that close to 90 mph traps in the 1/8 :tup:

nice time with a 2.2 60’! the times will just keep dropping if u can get her to hook :slight_smile:

nice :tup:

cool :slight_smile:

at the sport compact rice show in carlisle, there was this dude with a 1g that had those DOT legal slicks all the way around, looked fucking awesome with his black ride :tup: i mean if he had problems hooking up, damn :eek:

that’s awesome, you’ll be running mad d d fast when you hook up

yeah, FWD suck for the launching. Oh well, time for some real meat.

:tup: good job

ohh okay i thought you had AWD

in that case, not too shabby :tup:

good job hank. topend

:tspry: congrats skrapper

nice job, must feel good knowing you just barely made it :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt even mind when i couldnt hit 11s last year, but it was a bit frustrating only missing by .02 lol

Damn, very nice.

Get the 60ft times down and your 1/4 time will be better than my 1/8th time :rofl:

I was going to say, your '60 foots aren’t too hot. Your car has some mid-12’s in it right now, if you get it to hook. Nice ride.

:tup: hank

you need a pair of slicks man

Go Hank.

2.2 60ft though?

Get some real rubber man!!

:tup: Congrats, and yeah, figure out how to hook a little better.

X… :beer:

Gees’m Crow, finally!

Congrats, and I guess I can no longer make fun of you

yeah skrapper, congrats again, we all saw you hit it on your last run and it was like a party. no problem for the R/T.

yeah at your last run, we all knew you looked fast and then the board lit up and we all started cheering. Hank- “C’mon honey… one more run???”

:tup: cool beans