I need an urgent care clinic?

I’ve been out of commission for 5 weeks with a back injury. In a game I was rushing into the corner with someone for the puck on a dump in. He pulled me down right before the boards, and I crashed into them with my back taking all the impact. I rested for a long time, tried playing after a month and it killed. My back is hurting me pretty bad. I’ve gone to a chiropractor 3 times in 2 weeks, still not doing any good. He was saying I may have a piece to the side of my vertebrae cracked. I want to go to a doctor as it’s still not better, but my primary care physician just closed her practice and my first appointment with the new one isn’t until next month

anyone have any ideas where I can go?

For starters, your insurance company should have a list online of all the doctors that accept them. I would start with that and go down the list…

Or, in your case, go get xrays done anywhere that will do them and find out exactly how serious this is… because it sounds pretty bad. Definitely shouldn’t mess around with your back. :frowning:

well one thing… take ibuprophen, 3 times a day that will help the swelling and a lot of the pain…

If you have a cracked vertabrae… why are you playing after a month… I also see the chiropractor as not being helpful at all…

  1. stop being a dick and playing or doing anything risky
  2. stop swelling with ibuprophen regular usage builds it up in your system and it really helps swelling alot.

If its just a crack just be careful with it… it will heal. I’m sure your doctor will say the same thing, I would suggest another xray to see the healing progress… or if you made it worse

understatement of the century… If i could go back in time and cared for my back more I would have :frowning: Most days I feel 50 years old.

well for one thing…don’t take medical advice over the internet. It might be ibuprophen but if you have something random done to your back it could be a breaking point for something more major.

well, i mean ilc’s advice isn’t going to hurt anything by any means.

yah, i stopped playing.

need to figure out what doctor i can go to to get x-rays

Go to the ER and get it x rayed. Dont waste time with it. There is also the after hours center off union but they suck super bad so id go there only if all other doctors/ER’s burnt down or died.

A chiro will take an X-Ray before doing anything, so I’d just go there. If it is cracked, they won’t touch it, if not, they’ll give you a quick adjustment depending on the amount of inflammation or other damage. It will save you a trip if it’s not cracked, and it’s much quicker to get in and see a chiropractor.

chiro said it MIGHT be crack…sounds like he didn’t x-ray b4 messing with his back 3 times…i agree chrios are useless

The MedFirst one in the tower on Sheridan that has the big clock you see from the 290 was good when I needed to go there…Granted they couldn’t do much when they found out I blew out my knee.

You can also go to WNY Immediate Care: It’s run by a bunch of Hospitalists and they all rotate into the practice on certain days.

There are a few locations, but the one in Amherst on NFB would probably be closest for you. Here’s the addy and phone number.

(716) 564-2273 - 2099 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst, NY

:word: i’ve been there a few times.

One on transit across from the Eastern Hills Mall/Carmines Restaurant

This is exactly what you should have done right away. It was really dumb not to. Your back is nothing like sprained ankle. It is some really serious shit. Most people have back problems for LIFE after a injury that is not properly treated or serious enough.

You can get a early appointment with our new primary. You need to call the office and tell them it has gotten worse and you are in a LOT of pain.
TELL them (dont ask) that you need to see someone right away. They will find you a opening. I have done this a few times before and it works.

Who did you pick as your primary? Just curious.

were certified automotive technicians… no big difference between cars and the human body… did you try the ER?

I’m calling my chiro tomorrow to get x-rays, they do them there.

I’m not a fan of this place. I went there for x-rays when I broke my foot, and they told me it wasn’t broken. It was.

i get hurt a lot. i usually only go to the hospital if something keeps hurting, or somethings broken (or needs stitching). I’ve had a lot of injuries that got better after a week or two

I guess I didn’t carefully read your original post, because I didn’t see that you had already been to the chiro. I can’t believe they didn’t take X-Rays right away. Where do you go, Erie County Chiro?

he told me i should get them when I first went to him, so i’m gonna get on that tomorrow.

dr jon beck, i work with him coaching goalie camps for bob janosz

100% true… My only regret in life is fucking up my back.

went to the chiropractor today. x-rays looked ok I guess, no bone damage.

He’s thinking maybe since I have some scoliosis going on, that those muscles were very tight. Muscle sprain on a muscle that already had a lot of tension on it is a possibility. gonna give it a couple weeks and go from there. have to go back thursday.

find someone with a hot tub!