I'm Strong, I quit smoking!


Today marks the 3rd day I have not had 1 cigarette. I smoked for a while, stopped for 2 years… and got back into it because of stupid reasons. I have been smoking roughly a pack a day. I can now say I am stronger than most who say they will quit or want to quit… Because I am doing it, and they are not.

I decided to have my last one of the night, go home and pass out. Start fresh in the morning with no pack, not one smoke left or anything like that.

Hard part is that I have also been drinking, gone to the Sabres game…etc, to which I have wanted one, but have not given in and Wont! Cold turkey again is my way of beating it!

Can you say you’re mentally strong enough to quit and do it?


Keep it up yambag. :tup:

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My wife quit cold turkey… she’s only had a few cravings over the past year. But you can’t do her method/reason unless you can somehow get pregnant!!! She quit the moment she found out and never looked back.


Once me and the wife decided to have a baby we both just stopped. I didn’t find it to be that hard. I still have a cigar maybe 2x per year but that is it.


I found out I was pregger so I had to quit. lol

Congrats to you guys, I’m just happy as shit I’m pulling it off with the situations I’m in right now and the stress I have…I figured this would probably be the hardest time to quit. lol


:tup: good job man


So good…


good job yammy


Wait about a month or so to start telling people you quit cause when you relapse you will look like an idiot when they see a cigarette hanging from your mouth.


“quitting smoking is easy, most smokers do it a thousand times”


I’ve never actually smoked a cigarette, I feel that anything ending in ette shouldn’t be done by a man unless its a Bridgette.


Congrats! Keep at it… it’ll definitely pay off in the end!


I dont have to worry, I’m strong enough not to have one again. I know better… I see money coming out of my pocket, I notice nothing good coming out of it, people dont like smokers around them when they dont smoke.

To know that my Grandma (fathers mother) passed away when my father was only 17 years old… from cancer. And now his father (my grandpa) passed away about 5 years ago from cancer, Its just not worth it to me and I realize that and wont have a cig again.


Good job man.

Want a little more of a motivator not to go back? Take what ever you would spend per week on cigs and stick it in a jar. At the end of the month take that money and blow it on something fun.


I’m glad you’re trying, I hope it works…

Saying you’re stonger than most people may be a bit bold though… considering it’s been only 3 days.

Remember when Jam tried to quit drinking and lasted 3 days? haha.


LOL. I hear you on that. Thing is, most people only talk about it and never even attempt it. Most that do attempt cant even make it a full day. If they do, the majority of those, break the 2nd day. 3rd day is the breaker. If you can get past 3 days, you have broke the majority of the craving. The main craving will be when I’m driving. I’m heading to Webster today to pick up my winter beater, but cant smoke on the way regardless. It will be the drive home that will really be doing it in. But I wont break.

As for the money situation. Oh believe me on this, I will definitely be happy seeing money coming back to my pocket because of not blowing $40 or more a week.


Keep it up man, the battle is only beginning. You picked a good time of the year though, a little extra savings is always nice this time of year.


I admire your wanting to quit but bragging about 3 days is kind of like a premature load blowing. It took me 2 times to quit and I smoked a carton every 5 days or less, so about 2 packs a day. If you smelled like smoke all the time then something was up. I NEVER smelled like cigarette ever and many people can vouch for that. You will eventually reach that point where you have at least 1 again, for me that was 2 summers ago, and in doing so hopefully you don’t just go right back into it. I took 2 drags and almost threw up. Keep up the good work because it’s not the easiest habit to break. Maybe start going to the gym or jogging, it helps. I’m at 2 years now. Hopefully you make it there too. You’ll feel a lot better physically


But he is stronger than most.


Dont you own a corvETTE?