I'm Strong, I quit smoking!


if he was stronger than most he would not have started back after 2 years


GREAT Catch!!


I’ve cut back a ton, I smoke about 2 packs a week now. I’ll get to that point, eventually

Ps, I have $20 that says you start smoking again


I did for 2 years…Then I delt with a lot of shit and became stupid. I know I’ll succeed. I have no reason not to, and I’ve grown up and realize things need to change in my life.

I am. I cant tell you how many tiimes I hear people say they are quitting… never even attempt it. Its all words till you try to do it. Being its the 3rd day… I’m doing a lot better than most people that say it.

Mistakes happen when you are younger, and it takes growing up to realize things need to change.


I’m mentally strong enough to never have smoked/wanted to smoke. I win.


I’m so sick of the shittyness. Can’t we be happy for the guy and stop posting shitty things?

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Its mostly mental. I quit almost 2 years ago because I was sick of it and wanted to quit. Haven’t looked back. Now I cant stand the smell of them, not to mention how much I notice people who smell like smoke.




lol, I knew it was going to go that way anyways before posting. This is NYsweet, where the maturity level on here is at age 16 when you are 30. Some people just can never grow up in life. What ever. Thanks for the encouragement!


lol @ PureXTC


3 days is nothing to brag about. I wouldn’t even consider this “facebook status” worthy.


Congratulations Kevin, keep it up.


Say what you want. The fact that I’ve gone through the 2 hardest days and the fact that I’m even doing it in general… good enough for me to even comment.

And I will brag about it, because I know now… if I put a cig up to my mouth, I’m the one that will look like a god damn fool, so more motivation right there.


Bump this thread in 6 months, but do what Jay said…put all that money away in a jar and don’t touch it. Then post what you bought with it.


Good job Kevin :tup:


Yeah I think this is a bit premature.

In to see results in the spring…


I will bump this… And If I dont. I hope someone will bump it for me to ask.

As for putting money aside. For now, I will probably put $5 into a jar every other day. Once I get myself caught up, I’ll probably start doing $10 every other day.


Telling a bunch of people is a good way to keep accountabilty. I did the same thing with my weight loss, granted I didn’t brag about my first 5 pounds of weight loss telling people I am better than them.
But congrats on trying to get healthier.


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

I do rape her ever time shes out does that help? hahahah


lol I think people are taking this way to serious with the title. I was just stating, some people say they will quit… and never attempt it. Others say they are quitting and are lighting up a smoke at the same time… “on but I have had less cigs today than I normally do” (thats not quitting) Some say they will quit and cant break past 1 day let alone 2. The hardest days to quitting smoking are the first 3. And so far, I have not craved one today at all. I simply was stating, I said I’m quitting, I am actually going through with it and not just saying something like others do. I didnt back out through the first 2 days or 3rd, and I plan to keep going.

Some people really need to lighten up. I made a statement about quiting. people know now and if I light one up, I will look like a fool. I’d rather someone call me out when I break rather than noone say anything at all and let me do it. (since everyone insists I will break) lol