I'm Strong, I quit smoking!


Would have been way more thread worthy if you went cold turkey meth.

But seriously, Keep it up. Be healthy and save money.
I’m glad I never tried smoking.



This is definitely a thread worth posting!


First week was the hardest, second was ok, third and forth week were real rough.


I did do it cold turkey… Thought I said that.

I had my last smoke at night. Then went home. passed out, woke up the next morning and havent had a smoke/patch/gum, nothing since that last smoke.


No, I meant if you had quit METH cold turkey hahaha.


I quit for a week until i stood in line at gamestop for 5 hours

it’s not really that hard lol. if i did it for 8 months or something it would be exciting i guess.


You aren’t stronger than most… everyone I know who has smoked has quit for a few days to a week many times. My ex-smoker friend Josh said you’re an idiot for claiming victory after 3 days.

But on the bright side, you can use this critisicm as power to fight the urge because you’ll never hear the end of it if you light up another cig.


Did Josh really say that??? No way!!!

Neon, please make more relevant posts, or just don’t even bother…


Yes, I’ve been done for nearly four years now. I can tell you I’m never going back.

Update this thread one year from now and either admit failure, or make people eat crow.


I’ll bump this thread a year from now to check in on you :slight_smile:


I smoke about 1/4 a pack a day and weekends almost a pack a day. My motivation to quit in the winter is looking out side and seeing it snowing. I just decide it’s not worth it until the warm weather starts again.


Cigarettes are succulent and delicious. You would be a fool to leave them out of your life.


To all that have only said congrats and keep it up. Thank you, and please do bump this at some people to check up!

As to Neon. Good for your buddy, No shits given here. It was just a statement, wasnt ment to bend anyone out of shape with me saying I’m any better than anyone else. It was all about stating I’m quiting… The rest…its a title. But if you want to get specific… again. People talk about it, people cant go 1 day without one. I’m on my 4th day. So I’m doing better than those people right now. If you dont give a shit…dont post. lol



July 4th I randomly decided to quit, told everybody I was, counted each day I didn’t have a cigarette and haven’t looked back since. I personally noticed a HUGE difference in my body just in one week. It only gets easier, like people have said above itll get to the point where you will think the smell is awful people who smell like it smell awful and it was just a waste of money with absolutely no benefit. Telling everyone that I was quitting definitely made the biggest difference because I didn’t want to
“disappoint” anyone I guess lol

Keep up the good work


Way to convincing! :liar:

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I thought it smelled like shit when ever I didnt have one and someone around me did. Dont know why I bothered to keep smoking. I have no energy for hockey, mountain biking…etc. I want that back, I want to be able to play bar league hockey and with my brother who has an awesome team every year. They are the ones that won the Labatt pond hockey the first year, and lost in the finals this year to the other half of his team. I miss hockey and want to be in shape again to play it.


You know… Trying to quit right now is probably the worst timing for my stress level. If I can deal with the bs recently and not get back into it, I’ll be golden.

Dealing with bs car situations from a used car dealer in Webster, NY. Should have had the beater last Monday/Tuesday… still dont have it. Dealing with them is starting to get on my nerves since they show no want to keep in touch about anything going on about the car.

People seem to be cutting me off a lot right now with no blinkers, then deciding its cool for them to flip out on me when I hit the horn at them. I love retarded people that dont know how to drive, and bitch at you for something they did wrong. lol

I have been drinking every night since I stopped. I hear and can tell… drinking is definitely the time when you crave it the most.

I decided yesterday at the bars to start getting use to going outside when my friends were out there smoking to stand around and not have one to deal with the situation and get use to it. Being that I’m drinking, standing outside with friends while everyone but me has a smoke in there hand… I’m feeling more confident about the situation and the quitting.


Irritable much? LOL

Seriously though, stay strong. I know you’re catching a lot of flak for posting this thread prematurely, but try to use it as a journal ofyour progress. Stay strong, you will thank yourself for many years to come.


Good job man, not only will your body thankyou…but the S2K will too=)

BTW-I hear drinking water helps.
Cant speak from experience. I dont smoke


Figured that would be a good thought to do as well. Keep up on myself and remembering how many I’ve told this about, even if it was to earlier… its putting the word out that I’m done and really not looking to make myself look like a fool. haha. Like I said, I want to get back into hockey. I loved playing and to go from 26 days a month to nothing and smoking cigs… I went back on the ice 2 weeks ago for the first time in like 2 years… I was beat after the first shift. I dont like that. I was on Will North Varsity for 4 years. Then I come to this. Not cool in my eyes. Along with not being able to continue for a long time on a mountain bike, but having to stop for a second to breath. lol shitty!

I’ll have to look into the water part, but beer sounds to good to not have. haha. I know, I feel bad about the s2k getting the smoke, but she will be happy when shes smoke free and cleaned up completely of any ashes.


Not quite sure why, but I definitely lol’d. Oh, yammy!