I'm Strong, I quit smoking!


I just dont get it… getting off the 290 at the BLVD. I’m in the far right, guy in a mini van is in the middle. He decides to cut into the right lane literally as I’m coming up. No blinker at all, I slam on the breaks and hit the horn. WTF is wrong with people that the nerve to stick their head out the window and tell me off and swear at me like I did something wrong. I stayed in my lane… I had a right turn blinker on, and your slow ass decides to just cut in my lane without noticing a car coming up on your right.

So Ive come to the conclussion of my next investment for this s2k. A yacht horn under the hood to use as my actual horn. Maybe then it will scare the shit out of them. Hell, I will carry around a bottle air horn so that when someone decides to tell me off, I can slow down/Stop and blow off the air horn in there face. Followed by. “I sorry, I cant seem to hear you over there”


I heard you relapsed bro.


LOL oh yeah? Wonder who you know that I know that would have said that. Still going damn strong. Standing with my friends outside while drunk, not one puff off a cig. I have not had any urge to have a smoke at all. I’m feeling great. I still at times want to bash a face in, but I wont. lol



Keep fighting it though. Congrats on quitting. Keep fighting.


Thank you… And yeah, I was a stupid teenager that didnt care to listen to people. That was my problem.


This shit is expensive. 10-15 a pack…!

Whats the avg rate of consumption on these.
Figure at a min 50-60 bucks a month?


Where do they sell $15 packs? I wanna try one of those.


Fuck if I know, I googled and found


lol maybe if they still made the flavored Camels.

I would go through about $40 or $50 a week. lol

it was $13 for a pack in Ashford Hollow… half way between ellicottville and springville


Oh. New York City. I get it now.


Just updating where I stand so far.

I belive this is the start to Week 3. I have not had one cig and plan to continue. I have had some cravings over the past few days of drinking… but going strong.


I do not see any benefit from stopping smoking and becoming an alcoholic. lol.

If you REALLY want to quit, go to skyzone by the airport and jump for 2 hours. You’ll never want to smell cigarette smoke again.


Why no do the smokeless cig it works…


cause he no want do smokeless cig. it make him want regular cigarette again.






Bryan why the hell did I not know you smoked? I’ve never seen smoke before lol.


lol alcoholic? I barely drink. I just have been going out to bars recently because friends have been asking me to go out for a drink or 2. On the weekends, clearly the majority of this board goes out and drinks…hence everyone chimming in when you say BEER. lol

Why would I go with a fake cig when I already have stopped just by going cold turkey and not having one.


Good job :tup:. Never smoked more than the occasional cigar. Such a filthy habit.


Did someone say beer? My beer detector went off!!!