I'm Strong, I quit smoking!


If/when I come to UT, I am definitely getting beer and stuffing my backpack full of my camera gear/HD video camera, and BEER!!! lol What better way to snowboard.


Well some actually do drink as they say. Most are only exaggerating how much they enjoy beer. Because in our society alcohol is not only an acceptable drug, but you become cooler the more you drink, or in this case, the more you say you drink.


Beer on the hill sucks… Flask with Crown, JD, or Barenjeager is what I normally carry/drink.


I stopped smoking for 8 months. I chose to go back. I’m cooler than most.


lol how true this statement is. Love the sarcasm

Sounds good either way. Chair lifts do take some time to get to the top… perfect for having a brew then.

lol Apparently.


It was sarcasm.


My beer thing went off.



Everytime I read this thread title I think of yambag ripping phone books in half.


quit posting too


i havent smoked or drank in 25 years im think im stronger than all you bitches


blah blah blah.

same. fggt.



are you still trying to claim you’re mentally stronger by quitting a weak minded habbit?


This thread has made me realize I am both weak and uncool, since I haven’t quit a habit I never started and don’t drink.

Seriously though, OP keep it up. I would buy yourself something with the cash you have saved. I bought myself some watches for hitting targets. Quick constant reminder of the accomplishment and motivation not to backtrack.



you know it!!

I plan to take a trip hopefully to Colorado or Utah for some fun snowboarding or just to see the view from the mountains and do some hiking. Either way, the camera will be strapped to my back with all the lenses I need. Video cam as well.

Still going strong. Have yet to take one puff.


hows this going?


He did, my GoPro.


Still going strong, No craving for one. I havent taken a single puff of a cig since I said I stopped.

lol. Still broke since everything seems to be breaking on me. I guess my money will be going to a new laptop now. lol


You should switch to some other addictive drug. At least you will get a high from it.


This is likely to go much further than CKY89’s much-publicized-on-facebook quitting attempt…


How did that attempt turn out? lol