I'm Strong, I quit smoking!


Good for you, Kevin.




one year


Just realized this was a double post. Read it and wondered why I posted unrecalled nonsense at 7:45 pm…too early to be blackout drunk


You got me on this. Damn I thought its only been about 10 months. I was going to check back to this. I have for sure not had one cig, or even a puff of smoke. This also being the case when I hang out with friends that all smoke. I’m around it every single day for several hours. Damn proud that I got this far.

Thank you for bumping this!


:tup: You may not notice it but you probably smell better too.


At times. I still smell like cigs all the time from being at my friends place. My friend, his fiance, and one other friend that I hang out with the most… all 3 smoke. With the winter ahead, the windows will be closed and cause it to become more cloudy with 2nd hand.


So I figured again its been a little time and why not update this thread along with seeing if anyone else has started/tried… how are you guys doing on quitting?

I still have yet to take one drag of a cig. I’m happy about this and definitely keeping myself from having them. I’m around them every single day at friends houses which sucks since its second hand, but its still me not having packs of my own or smoking one myself.

Money… I’ve bought a lot of RC things, took a trip to Utah, bought a second car, fixed my camera… All things I’m sure were part to do with the quitting. Exactly how much I’ve saved or what it was spent on, just a mix of that.


I’m going on 4 days without a cigarette…


If you are 4 days in, keep it up. You passed the hardest part if you really have not smoked one cig. Don’t break down now. Just keep reminding yourself. (money and health)



Coming up to 2 years shortly. Haven’t had one.

Has anyone else quit since I started this? Done anything with the extra cash you’ve saved?


no fags for me…


Good for you :tup:

Ps I love how burning a fag has two totally different meaning whether your in the London or Los Angeles.


Bump. Figured I’d bring this up due to having some doubters on here. As of November I will be smoke free for 3 years. Not one cigarette since I stopped.

Anyone else successfully stop smoking or in the process?




I am officially at 7 years with not having 1 puff of a cigarette. Has anyone else quit since I created this post in 2011?


Nice dude!!! I’ve always been a casual smoker up until last year, maybe half a pack a week, doesn’t sound like much, but give or take a few weeks after stopping I started coughing up black mucus and I no longer needed my inhaler. Even one cig a day can make you feel like shit.

Keep it up!


That’s solid dude! Good for you man.



I remember when you created this thread, way to go man!


Thank you. It was a questionable start but I finally had it in my head I just wanted to stop. It was stupid and a waste of way too much money. Really happy to have stop before my dad passed. His mother pass from cancer when he was 17 and my grandfather/his father died younger as well from cancer. So he absolutely hated it.