I'm Strong, I quit smoking!


lol I sea what you did they’re


congrats on 3 months… what have you done with all the money you saved?


Whens the last time you ate fasf food?


New snowboard Jacket, towing service after flipping my Subaru (must have been stress) lol, Some little things for my HD video cameras… and paying off the subaru.


good to hear it motivated you to stop but it just surprises me to hear that. you would think the sign on the side of every pack you have ever smoked telling you this is going to killyou would be enough, or the add companies on TV, news paper, billboards, internet, magazines, ect ect telling you they will kill you would do it.


a run cures fat, a run will not cure cancer


Good job on the three months Kevin. :tup:


Bump. Still going good. Since I said I stopped, I have not had a puff of a cig. I’m still usually around it daily as well due to all my friends smoking.


Nice job! How do you feel?


I have my moments of wanting to punch babies, but in the long run… no real want for a cig. Money… I’ve decided I’m probably getting a Dirt bike.


I quit smoking over 3 1/2 years ago. I recently took notice to the price of cigs behind the counter…$10/pack? Good thing i have no desire to ever smoke again. Keep it up, it’s worth it


So kind of surprised no one called me out. Now its been 3 months, I miss counted pretty badly on the last update. lol

Just dont my monthly update for everyone since people said to keep it up. Still not one puff.


i smoke 3 cigarettes a day. unless im drinking, then i smoke 18 cigarettes a night


Coming up to 7 months. I’m trying to leave a gap between my posts so I dont annoy people, but said I would keep with the updates so it wasnt a lost cause. I still have yet to take any drag from a cig. Not really having any issues with it. I only noticed one time which was while camping this past weekend at Watkins glen with drinking, rain…not much to do.


Just giving an update. I havent been on here to much recently but still felt I needed to update this. I’m going on 10 months soon and still going good. I have had some moments where I’d love to have a cig, but defintely not doing it. Money hasnt really seemed any different but thats probably because I spend to much of it as it is. I probably own more things compared to then. But either way, still going good.

Anyone else quit and trying to stay done with smoking.


I’m still on this regiment, in case you were wondering




I’ve never even tried a cig, not a single pufff and don’t plan on it. Good job on quitting, the money aspect would be enough of a cause for me to stop.




I was thinking more like the negative health effects like emphysema, cancer and hypertension. But hey, the almighty dollar is quite alluring.