Install from today...*lots o' pics*

Well, my buddy and I finally got around to installing all of the parts for the Miata that have been sitting in my basement since March…Just thought I’d share the process with everyone…

Parts Installed: muffler, front & rear sway bars and end links, and front and rear lower control arm braces

The car up in the air, before we started

My friend Adam, just as he took out the factory muffler

Under the car, with the muffler out (see the puny rear sway)

Adam cutting out a stubborn end link

Old vs. New rear sway bar comparison

Old vs. New rear sway bar end link comparison

Old vs. New front sway bar comparison

Front lower control arm brace installed
A shot of the new front sway bar installed (very tough to get a good pic)

Rear sway bar and lower control arm brace installed and ready for the muffler

A shot of the rear sway bar end links

Muffler installed, car buttoned up and ready to come down

Muffler sounds good, very subtle, it just adds a bit of a deep tone to the sound. From just the short bit of driving I’ve done, there seems to be much less body roll going around corners, but I’ll have to reserve judgement on the sway bars and LCA braces until after the next Auto-X

nice write up :tup:

car handles noticably better…no body roll at all…good job bro…i still wished i could have helped

def - i hate it when people mod stuff then post it so choppy that you have no clue what they did or how it looked

thumbs are up

nice work :tup:

good job :tup:

i :heart: miatas

its sweet that you installed your stuff, i mean i guess you “do the install yourself”, but i think installing bolt-ons isn’t really DIY… maybe if you MADE your exhaust…

thats cus you dont know how to drive a rwd ka :wink:

nice mods :tup:

drive on better than u and my brotha…i had one before u had a car…

Thanks guys…and I changed the title newman…you’re right it’s not really DIY…:slight_smile:


Awesome dood…

I feel your pain, I hate those bell capped endlinks. I had to chop mine off too a few weeks ago. My car has the same type of endlinks.

niceeeee :tup: looks good

Way to give a compliment… Like saying, “Way to fuck the prom queen but we would have been more impressed if you knitted a throw rug while giving her the hot beef injection…”

Christian Newman - Motivational Speaker at your service! Hahahha :wink:

Still Love ya, n00bman…

keep up the good work!

Very nice…

That control arm brace just hooks from frame rail to frame rail and mounts where the control arms do, right? It’s not actually attached to the control arms?